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  1. oh! and i commited suicide on wilson, and now i am using willow... seems to suit me a little better... lol
  2. never done that before...BUT! the spiders nest will catch fire in a single blow
  3. yeah... but they will dissapear the next day (if they are still "wild" pigs). the hats will dissapear when they return to their house.BUT if you birbe them first, they will keep the hat as long as they are with you, and you recover the hat when they die. (i lost all the hats in the image)
  4. oh! yeah! catching fireflies at nigth its exiting.only a bug net and few torches, yeah! it gets really cool.
  5. Interesting finding...if you give a hat to a pig WITHOUT birbe him first (so they are still neutral to you)they will put the hat on, BUT once its nigth and they get into their houses, they will come out of the house with no hat the next day...i am not sure if this is a bug, but i found it interesting... i lost many MANY Top Hats this way... lol.
  6. well... sometimes pigs do win....if they can survive the nigth... i dont birbe them, i just leave em there... so when the morning comes the spiders return to their nest... and sometimes in this process a pig attacks an spider... resulting into the inevitable death of all pigs.but if they dont attack and wait for the spiders to return to their nests then you can attack and run and wait for the pigs to kill the spiders. and you get lots of silk... lol, i really dont need that many... just maybe... to make more hats for my pig slaves... ehem... farmers....
  7. there are a lot of things to do... the first thing i did was to build a camp with enough farms, then i explored the whole map, took 2 mandrakes near my camp, just because... why not?.then i brougth a beefalo near my camp, i made a "honey farm", and i tried to make a "spider farm"i decided to kill all spiders in my map... burned a whole forest in the process... i reforested just keeps me entretained...but i think i am running out of things to do...
  8. i was trying to make a "silk farm"... but....spiders won...pigs are too stupid...
  9. ohhh i see... *coff coff* *ocd* *coff* *coff*(Obsesive Compuslive Disorder, i got it after the explain)
  10. if you burn a spider nest they wont attack you unless you get too close. they will just run scared (if done during the day)
  11. Spiders eat your meat, i think frogs can steal your stuff from your inventory and pigs somethimes will eat meat... They are cannibals by the way...