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  1. I'm trying to avoid the new stuff. And just see what's going on in general. That's kind of why I stopped showing up, knowing everything was making my Let's Plays feel dreadfully slow.
  2. I see, well I still see all my gold name fellows. So that's good. Now to descend into the unknown the piles upon wretched piles of posts and threads to re-acclimate myself while not finding out anything about future plans for Don't Starve.
  3. Ah so did they leave or did you assimilate them? Or are they here but I just didn't see any posts? Details man! While there's still time!
  4. Well, it's certainly been awhile. How has everyone been? I only really see Toast still posting over here. Where'd the others go Toast? Did you assimilate them?
  5. Right and I said "Just buy the game" It's nothing personal. I DESPISE Pirating. Like, DESPISE to the very core of my being.
  6. Boo, buy the game! Also Just noticed Steam finished the Download! HUZZAH!
  7. Steam actually tends to come out first on most update days.
  8. If you have the window up you'll see the download start. Or if it's already done you'll see the download completed.
  9. I'm on Steam too but I have to keep checking it out to make sure.
  10. Didn't post it on purpose. I used to work at Blockbuster and one of my employees LOVED this movie so much that he always had it playing in the store. It drove me to the brink of insanity! Lines are becoming darker. The world is shimmering. Rage is bubbling up inside me.. I WILL DESTROY- Ohp It went off, I'm cool!
  11. I'm checking every 15 minutes just to be sure. Last time my patch update didn't hit till like 11:59 PM I was scared it wouldn't get up on time. This time I'm starting right away.
  12. Indeed. I've been checking in but you guys had everything so well locked down there was never anything I had to say that needed input. Other than that this is a huge time of year for the work I do. I rent myself out as a shopping assistant to old ladies with tech enthusiast families or friends. It's a hard knock life.