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  1. Does anybody lost items when playing the new update? I mean continuing a save of previous update with full inventory.
  2. Do I need to create new map to enjoy new contents?
  3. Yeah it worked as well, just tested it. (Hunger filled about 125) I think the reason I go with cooked meat because at first I got meaty stew from it. Now I think about it, it's because I use fried drumstick instead raw. EDIT: Yep, tested, fried chicken doesn't work.
  4. GOT IT!! Turkey Dinner: 2 raw Drumstick+1 Cooked Meat+1 raw Carrot Cooking time about... 6/16.. maybe Hunger filled 130+. Edit: Tested on Wolfgang
  5. Doesn't they have durability like torches? I manage to create one, but when I tried to pick it up to check the durability, I smashed it instead... forgot I got weapon in hand.
  6. Hotfix means a quick fix/balancing after an update. They adjusted the stack number according to the item size, logically. (ie. items that can be put in pockets, items that look heavy, etc).
  7. It's the new hotfix. Don't worry, now you can carry 40 roasted berries.
  8. 2 questions: Umm, did the Nov 14 Hotfix lower the drop rate on the spike? Does the tentacle respawn? (ie. Infinite source for spikes, spots etc)
  9. From the experiment I conducted, raw meat give -5 hp, while cooked give -33 hp. I need to test some more, but I ran out of monster meat.
  10. Isn't cooked monster meat more dangerous than raw monster meat? Since it chomped out your HP a lot.
  11. [For steam] While I was fiddling around, I assume this is what the files do: restart - world map (deleting this will affect your current game (maybe), and can't start new game until new world made (i think)) profile - exp, unlockables, settings (deleting this will reset them, UNRECOVERABLE) latest - last saved game, auto erased if u died. (clicking continue doesn't do anything if you delete this) ...again this is just my assumption.