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  1. Hello i was alittle bit bored so i decided to get stats on all the health items and i think got them all just post if you see something you would wan't to change . So here is the list sorted by hunger lowest to highest. Petals: Hunger +0 Health +1 Mandrake: Hunger +0 Health +61(Could be more since i only had one and it healed me to full from 39 health.) Seeds: Hunger +4 Health +1 Carrots: Hunger +10 Health +5 Berries: Hunger +10 Health +5 Honey: Hunger +10 Health +30 Monster Meat: Hunger +15 Health -10 Cooked Monster Meat: Hunger +20 Health -5 Morsel: Hunger +20 Health +5 Cooked Morsel: Hunger +30 Health +10 Meat: Hunger +30 Health +10 Cooked Meat: Hunger +50 Health +25 Hunger we all need it, here is how much you need each day to Don't Starve. You have lost 45 when you get to the evening. You have lost 54 when the evening starts. You have lost 72 when the new day begins. So this means you lose 4,5 hunger each 1/16 of the clock . You lose 3.7 health per second when you are at 0 hunger, so it takes just 27 seconds to reach zero. Also note that the hunger you need is not affected by activities. That would be all if i am correct, if you guys could check out that mandrake and see how low u can go it would be glad but i suspect it heals you to full Edit 1: Edited so it was easier to distinguish the negative and higher healing numbers Edit 2: Added some info about how much hunger it takes each day. Edit 3: Added how long it takes to die when your at 0 hunger. Thanks Excess for that .
  2. Food Stats

    I don't think you understood what i meant you still got hp from food, but i mean autoreg hp i'm unsure if you do that or not.
  3. Food Stats

    They seem to have changed the health stuff gives so i'm going to have to update this, and i will do that today or tomorrow.Also i think but i'm not sure that you regain health.
  4. Update time?

    Yes there is and not at all hard to find^^.
  5. Monster Meat Mashed Potatoes, I think would be a great dish
  6. a flint can't be picked up

    This is not a fun bug i wan't my flint but yeah pretty much everything can have this bug.
  7. cant purchase dont starve

    lol ^^ free keys for everyone.
  8. That's one strong woman

    Lol i have to say that it was pretty funny , also explosivelimes gratz on title
  9. I Want To Feel Old

    I think 26 hours for last stage is alittle much since atleast now you would have to afk "farm" it.
  10. I would like this V.A.L.O.R idea much much more if the maps where bigger.
  11. I Want To Feel Old

    I second this motion
  12. That's one strong woman

    I highly doubt you can put hats on beefalos...
  13. I make calculations and the first thing i did was find out how much every food healed
  14. spiders won...

    beefalo with a hat<3
  15. Timer :)

    So while i was doing my thing in the game i've found out that i pretty much used up most of the good stuff in the islands, flint for instance. I was looking for things to do and then i thought how long is a day ?One day is 7 minutes and 48 seconds, or 468 seconds.One 1/16 of a day is 29,25 seconds.This means the sunny part of the day is 292,5 sec, or 4 minutes and 52,5 seconds.The evening is 58,5 seconds.The night is 117 seconds or 1 minute and 57 seconds.And this means that if you have played 100 days in this game you have played 13 hours of this game
  16. Timer :)

    I am happy you guys where glad
  17. Game doesn't save

    Switch computers? that makes my game "restart" in a sense but i can always go back to the other computer.
  18. Game takes ages to start

    I understand what your problem is and all we can do is pray that a super almigthy dev or god comes and answers the question.Or i't may be that ur computer is not the best one... but i doubt it.
  19. I agree that they should make the maps bigger and more terrains etc but hmm this one i will have to think about , donno if i like the whole sidescroller angle on this game.
  20. The wood armor is actually close to op in my opinion because it's really easy to kite.
  21. Am i the only one that did not know this but when you attack something with a torch you need to hit it like 3-4 times and it catches on fire.Why didn't you tell me it's awsome with spiders running around on fire only downside is that they can catch the forest on fire^^.
  22. Game takes ages to start

    10 minutes is longer than it should take i think. Also it doesn't update every day but yeah it updates fairly often but those are not that big of updates i think.
  23. Timer :)

    Thank you Mr. Keeper of Bees, and yes i was just alittle bit bored when i played this so i wonderd how much i've played over all :)And LadyD you can also use this if you wan't to know how long it takes for something to do.