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  1. if you go for that, make it either Krampusnacht for singular, or Krampusnächte for plural, if you manage to get a ä in there, but krampusnachts makes me shiver...
  2. I know, but I decided to not go for the beta this time, since I don't have much play time at hand atm, next week I have a lot more time, so I chose not to spoiler me too much.
  3. this seems very exciting, can't wait to meet rock cthulhu!
  4. back in the days, they used to be single use items that indeed we were able to stack. when they added durability to them, they had to remove the stacking for obvious reasons. just think of a single trap as a stack of ten old one time use traps and you don't have to be angry about it anymore
  5. about cooking useless

    and don't forget that food is not only about hunger, health and sanity. using the crock pot makes almost turning food good again. you can increase the spoilage duration a second time through the crockpot. thats nothing to sneeze at in certain situations.
  6. Birdcage OP

    and why exactly should anyone bother to harvest spiders for their monster meat and then trade it to a bird in the birdcage to get an egg to make meatballs if he could just catch a rabbit with a trap?Not saying you are wrong...ish, having the birdcage beeing able to make a "good" food item out of monster meat is indeed a bit weird, since every other food item you can make out of monster meat is still "bad", like cooked monster meat, monster jerky, monster lasagna......but crying about the birdcage beeing the "most OP item in game"... really? there are a dozen way more conveniend ways to get food. I do support this suggestion though.
  7. I kinda agree, yeah. A good chunk of my first days when I start a new game and settled at a good location is running around with a torch and fry all the spider nests in a reasonable distance because I don't want to have a dozen spider queens at me later on. the bad part about it is that I lose a lot of silk, but taking the nests down other than with fire usually takes too long for me and I get impatient. I would indeed welcome if not so many of the tier 3 nests turn into queens, so that it is indeed possible to use them for silk farming even closer to the base camp.
  8. well, the rotten pumpkin does collaps over them, suffocating them in rotten pumpkin mucus!
  9. maybe you should look around in the forum a bit more then. you will see lots and lots of threads dedicated to nothing but showing off your achievments, screens of how many days you lived, how cool your base camp looks etc etc. I am not saying that your general thoughts are wrong, sure, a survival themed game does not need luxury objects, still, that is only your opinion, and the community clearly shows that these items are indeed welcome to many players who do like to show off, even in a single player game. Not to say that this would be a DS exclusive phenomenon. I have yet to see a single game community forum that does not have threads dedicated to the simple purpose of showing off what you have reached and done. Giving the DS community in game items to do so might not go along with your general idea of what a survival game should have or not have, yet it is still something the devs may do as they please, and again, a huge part of the community does appreciate that.
  10. those "useless" items are not meant as a normal lightsource, they are luxury objects for people that want to have them just for the sake of it, not because you need them. Sure, a campfire and a torch is all you need, but that is imo not the point of these other lightsources. Some of them are themed decoration, like the jack'o lantern, they are halloween decoration, and not an item meant to be used instead of a campfire, the mining helmet was implemented because the community asked for it, not because the devs thought that it would be needed at any point, the nightlight again is more of a prestigue object, the game gets a lot harder when you go insane, and the items made of resources "only" available through insanity are more for showing off instead of having a real purpose. If you don't like them, don't make them, noone, especially the game, does force you to make any of them, they are just an addition to the core items that are indeed mandatory. Non of these items needs to be changed in any way, even if there were ways to make them more "usefull", they never were supposed to be usefull anyway.
  11. Not enough disk space?!

    that is absolutely true julz.I am playing this game since it was only a chrome app, pre steam. with non of the regular updates we ever had trouble like this before, never. NotStarving is indeed over exagerating. I had all prior updates working since steam launch and never had to reinstall the game just until this one recent update. I did witness several people over the month in this forum that did indeed have trouble playing the game, but as far as I remember it was almost always an issue on players side, and very very rarely something that came from a game update ( I think there were some issues with certain graphic cards at some points, but I ain't really sure about that).This beta is in fact one of the smoothest I have ever experienced, and I did play in a lot of betas of all kinds of different games. Its absolutely false to say that you have to reinstall the game with every update, or that more things get broken with every fix. Saying that clearly shows a complete lack of experience with beta game development in general, and especially a complete lack of knowledge about the update history of don't starve. We had one broken update from how many? about a dozend? This game is far from having problems.
  12. thank you kind sir, this was indeed what I missed on, I had to restart steam, delete the game again, and THEN it would work out!Have to go now, experience the new update!
  13. I had the same issue with steam not updating propperly, so when I went to delete my files and reinstall the game, I ended up with the still not updated version. I pretty much ran out of ideas now, if not even reinstalling fixes the issue, what else can I do? It still just tells me that the next update is imminent...
  14. that was a surprisingly enjoyable read my friend, I did not expect this to be honest, but you showed quite a talent. I must also admit that this is a very fine way to introduce something tutorialish without spoiling too much. Very, very nice!
  15. while I have access to all characters, I actually play Wilson 90% of the time. the only times I did not play him was when I unlocked a new character for one life, but thats pretty much it. He did grow so much on my that I miss him when I play on other toons, no matter if they make it more easy or challenging for me, I usually just stick with wilson.