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  1. back in the days, they used to be single use items that indeed we were able to stack. when they added durability to them, they had to remove the stacking for obvious reasons. just think of a single trap as a stack of ten old one time use traps and you don't have to be angry about it anymore
  2. and don't forget that food is not only about hunger, health and sanity. using the crock pot makes almost turning food good again. you can increase the spoilage duration a second time through the crockpot. thats nothing to sneeze at in certain situations.
  3. that was a surprisingly enjoyable read my friend, I did not expect this to be honest, but you showed quite a talent. I must also admit that this is a very fine way to introduce something tutorialish without spoiling too much. Very, very nice!
  4. was it really needed to necro this thread? But while we are here, let me introduce you to the official klei statement regarding multiplayer, it is as old as this thread, but as far as I am aware, nothing about this question has changed regarding klei entertainment... and if this should change at any point, at any time, I am relatively sure that we will be the first people to know outside klei.
  5. I really like this idea, especially since it is just cosmetic and does not need the introduction of a whole new game mechanic! one little tweak I may add if it pleases though, this animation should only be able to trigger during the night time, I don't want my character to fall asleep during the day if I am idle for a moment, but besides that, very, very nice idea!
  6. I am relatively sure the only new thing to play around with this update is the shovel functionality, the big update with new enemies/animals will be the one after this, in about two more weeks iirc.
  7. my bet is that we get introduced a new kind of resource (clay) and maybe one new recipe using it. Kevin already mentioned claypots in his food decay threat, we propably won't get these pots yet, because I don't think the way food works will be changed with this update already, but propably some other kind of clay recipe for now to toy around with, and more recipes added on future updates. that, I find highly unlikely. Kevin and the other devs invested so much time and ideas in ways to make grass/bush/sappling farming unattractive but not impossible for people, that I do not think that they will now just take this option out of the game, leaving all the prior changes a waste of time.
  8. I voted just fine, because I generally do not have a problem with the day/night lengh. However, if the devs would evver think about making changes to this cycle, my suggestion would be to add 2 or 3 more segments and make them as dawn, from a game mechanic pov let it work just as the dusk period. I always feel it is a bit weird that we have a dusk part of the day, but the change from night to day is so very abrubt
  9. did you try it with the additional help of traps already? worked fine for me so far.
  10. I am relatively sure kevin said something along the lines of liking the camp style more and thinking fences should do for a "housed feeling", if I am in the right mood I may try to dig that up. I might aswell be wrong though.
  11. default is the old way of map generation. you get circular biomes, either overlapping or connected via bridges. the new test is the new and still fairly buggy world generator, offering much larger maps in a different layout, but it can happen that you lack on viable resources, and pig kings.
  12. besides the aforementioned tent, I am not here to argue about houses or not. there are two opinions, one says yay, one say nay, I am part of the nay sayers, indeed, but that does nothing here. The point is that the developers already were pretty clear about that, and I guess when we really get fences or some kind of walls, that should do for the safe-feeling part.
  13. I am pretty sure Kevin mentioned somewhere that there will be no houses because they like the camp thingy more. Fences will come at some point, they are still working on more priority stuff though. The backpack and the logsuit will most likely, like... 100% sure, not be able to be used at the same time. the whole point about the backpack is the drawback of taking up the chest slot, same goes for the amulett. You do have to pay a price for defences/bigger inventory/a second life. One of them at a time should be enough for you. Another thing that indicates that this will not happen is that they also put the football helmet into the game when the backpack came out, so you already have a spare armor you can use while wearing the backpack.
  14. well, besides it beeing easy to get and good for using it as monsterbait, you can always put it into the crock pot instead of normal, much more valuable meat. Just don't cook it on the fire.
  15. while I am not color blind, even I tend to have difficulties to see if I face a normal or a fire hound until the moment the first flames erupt, so a general rework in the artwork would be something I welcome aswell.