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Cave or Overworld? (Poll)

Cave or Overworld?  

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  1. 1. Cave or Overworld?

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I don't understand the question. Caves are a part of the overworld, aren't they? They belong to sandbox survival, and there is no "favourite" regarding that, it is all pieces of the whole.

Lights out on the other hand... that is something different to normal don't starve

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Surface because the caves are too optional, don't impact the surface aside for a few bats spawning, and aren't rewarding enough to conquer late-game aside for some niche items and followers... A shame :/

Though the caves and ruins are absolute eyecandy.

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Caves: Why?


1. One thing you need to alive in there is light. Building an underground tree and grass farm and voila!

2. Resources: LOTS OF RESOURCES! Earthquakes are not too bad.

3. Rocky. Until you will go up, it will be okay.

4. Mushrooms!

5. Lightbulbs!

6. Carrot-eaters!

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Caves have overheating and freezing, makes it impossible to explore them. 





What are you talking about?!



Can you not explore the overworld when it's Summer/Winter?


Use the same tactics, but also plan for light sources and Sanity. As in a lantern and (sometimes) Miner's hat.


This means a lot of (both types of) fire pits as you explore the caves in those seasons. if you have resource problems in the summer there, then you're simply not ready to explore period, as you're surrounded by Nitre.



Remember to be transplanting resources to craft and make sure the vital counter weather items have been prototyped.


(Even with summer, I do like the tam due to its overall sanity regen in darkness, but if you can find a summer sanity boost clothing equivalent, go for it.) 

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In truth, I like them both. I think I like the Overworld more... simply because i like safety, but I like the added challenges of the caves, when i start getting low on resources. I don't know if I could survive down there forever tho, I think that I would need regular trips to the surface to recuperate.

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