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  1. hi where are you from Minik435?

  2. Guys, I clearly think FNAF3 has a really big meaning in the series. Just watch Game Theory's youtube videos about FNAF.
  3. I actually did this mod...
  4. (BE ALIVE - bzzzzt!)
  5. God dang it, I wrote reply in new stat update xD

  6. congrats, be ready for crying silent in edge of your house because Wilsn iz ded.

  7. - I think, it should. Let's try.
  8. Yeah, I think. Welcome back! Draco saw all the argue sitting by Gray and controlling his heart to make him safe from death. - Oh, come on! If you will be slower, you will start to back there! If my blood needs reservoirs from other blood of big beast, just carry there a half of liter or what! He turned to Gray. - Dude, you will be back to us soon! I hope... He sent his murdering look on others.
  9. Man, it is really easy to down him with some good healing and hunger things. I made it even when two attacked me on day 200+. You just need about 10 healing slaves, 10 sanity regenerators any kind and log suit. Spear is enough weapon. Just kite them like: - Run to him/them, - Hit two times/one time, - Run away, - Repeat.
  10. Now 4 years of high school (if that is after gymnasium) left. Call me an informatic now.

  11. - Yeah, a blood. You can call me a vampire. If that won't help, then... he he... We will use your plan. He said seeing the face of rest.
  12. Draco smiled. - No magic. No spells. Blood. Fresh powerful blood. Beefalo should be enough thing.
  13. - Damn it. We will start a new war between them... Stop it... He will die, if you won't help him. Don't be idiots you two! I am weaker than ever and can not help but you MUST argue together, even if friend near dies. We can do only one thing. Feed my magic in his body. By way, I am doing. Next transfer of blood can kill him, let my magic work faster.