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  1. Looks familiar. Maybe Klei has another trick up their sleeves. Meanwhile I gotta go play some DS. Is there a way to use that Wolly well? He only can be traded with once.
  2. Oh, cool. That could cause problems though, has anyone jacked up their speed and ran in one direction for a while? Is there an an invisible barrier?
  3. Who else wants Wolly to be like a shopkeeper? Maybe he can fly away after each trade and reappear at another sunken ship somewhere else on the map. Ideas?
  4. DST with boats...? Wooden boats? BURNABLE BOATS? _________ died by drowning. ________ died by drowning. ________ died by drowning. GRIEFERS
  5. Well, I hope the poor parrot isn't killed after this. Remove the flotsam and jetsam, but keep the trading, making the parrot into a sort of shopkeeper. Indeed.
  6. They did marketing help, not game help.
  7. Well, it'll be cool to see Klei wet their feet into working with other companies. Don't Starve Shipwrecked is gonna make quite the splash here in the community.
  8. Maybe there's a Westing Game -esque game to get the beta access!
  9. "coming this fall" hmm, lemme think. A new company and ZERO gameplay images? Consider it 2016. 4 shore
  10. inb4 secret video says "...and it'll be $50"
  11. Klei. It's time we have anwsers. Like HOW MUCH DOES IT COST AAAAAAAA
  12. WHOA *prays to the god of not paid DLC*
  13. I hit tab duplicate. It's like MEEPMEEPMEEPMEEPMEEP