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wigfried, because i dont enjoy the sound of dozens of spiders hissing all night every night


This. The spider noises gets really annoying fast.


Tbh both of them are little 'meh' compared to the original characters.

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Depends on how much time I have have to prep before fighting, because wigfrid is very strong from the get-go, but if webber has time he can have an army.


I have liked webber more personality wise, because we dont actually know Wigfrid, just her role

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God, don't make me choose.

I love Wigfrid because things are speed up gameplay wise, which is wonderful when the basics become a bit maundane--but then, things like farms become less interesting in the end game aswell...


Gameplay wise, Webber wins! Even when the world is overrun with spiders, you can still add more spiders...oh, and nothing is more fun then seeing a giant get taken down by seven spider queens. :)

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