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  1. Hmm, that is strange. I don't use mods. I've never used any mods, I prefer the standard DS experience. I might submit a bug report with my save file.
  2. Beardlords are currently bugged, every time I kill one, I get standard bunny man drops. I.e. Two carrots and a meat (or bunny puff). I killed Splumonkeys during the "nightmare phase" instead, they reliably drop 2 beard hair each. Though I wouldn't recommend it, Ruins are such a dangerous place to fight in, especially if you don't already have meat effigy. And now that weather effects are active in caves/ruins in the DLC, it's hard to wear head armor and explore at the same time, you have to equip just before you fight. Beardlings are the safest way. Beardlords and shadow splumonkeys are more risky, it's easy to get rushed by a big group of them.
  3. How do you guys get shelter from the rain while at your campfire? I don't like to use up my items like my Eyebrella and Umbrella while sitting at my campfire. So I've taken to planting a few pinecones around my campfire for shelter from the rain. The problem is, it looks retarded to have a bunch of pine trees sprouting around your campfire, and nowhere else. Why not have some kind of makeshift shelter that gives the same 50% protection from rain, same as the pine trees do? It wouldn't unbalance the game, and it would make a Hell of a lot more sense.
  4. I agree with you. All those great sanity restoring foods, like taffy, pumpkin cookies, cooked green mushrooms, cactus, melon popsicle, etc... Wigfrid can't eat any of them! To restore sanity for her, I kill spiders, wear a Tam o' Shanter, and hire pigs to cut down a forest for their sanity aura. Killing spiders is by far the best way to restore sanity, and it restores health too. Spiders are easy to kite and stun lock. Wigfrid benefits from killing monsters. I love that mechanic.
  5. Wigfrid is my new favorite character. I enjoy fighting a lot, and don't really like the character of Wolfgang. So Wigfrid is perfect.
  6. Wow great, fantastic. I was wondering why I could not pick up the Glommer flower! Great work guys!