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  1. They're all firey and cute, but I still want that furry sock monster thing from awhile back as a pet. Gonna name it Slippers.
  2. I once had over 20 spider dens. It was glorious. FIGHT FOR MY AMUSEMENT! MUH HAA HAA HAA HAAAAARRR-(Cough cough cough cough) Haaaaaaarh!
  3. My only problem with Lucy being craft able would be that she, or at least Woodie thinks the axe can talk. That's kind of Lucys thing. I wouldn't want to be able to craft multiple Lucys. Perhaps just have it so that if someone else picks it up, it emits a cry of help that starts draining the sanity of the person who picked it up, and Woodie so he has even more incentive to find her again.
  4. I can totally see the reason why people want Willow to be fine in the sun, and in some respects i'd like her to be too, but the game is already lacking difficulty for the experienced. If someone made a mod of her like this, i'd be fine. Also, fire and heat aren't the same thing, actually. Odd, I know, but look it up.
  5. I'll just do the characters I play as most. Wickerbottoms glaring weakness is that she can't sleep? Because sleep was something that was seriously needed for every character in the scheme of things. Yeah. You still have green caps, cooked cactuses, flowers, top hats, dapper shirt and other item to help with sanity. She really isn't losing out in the scheme of things here. If anything she gives you more incentive to actually get out and explore because you can't snooze away. Wigfrid is brilliant, I agree, but we all know that. She's meant to be awesome. She's a dang Valkyrie (actress) for hecks sake. She does have to fight consistently for sanity, though, and gold isn't always plentiful on every game. However, if you like base building, as we all do, there is less incentive to use her because farms mean pretty much nothing for her in the scheme of things, nor berry bushes and bees, even as crock pot filler. Wilson is the main and first character, so naturally he doesn't have any drawbacks, unless you consider not having anything particularly special about him a bad thing. His beard really does help out in the winter, but if we're being truthful here, a thermal stone and logs/grass/twigs will get you by comfortably enough. The quick meat effigy is his claim to fame here, but anyone with enough experience won't need them or just have less reason to make them. Wilson is the best character for newbs overall, and the best to pick if you start on a server which is already a good amount of days into autumn, as even his short beard can help out somewhat. Webber is situational. If he can find a good bunch of nests, you don't need to worry about anything else. Catch butterflies, plant flowers, pick flowers and eat butterfly wings and monster meat. Glands for health, silk for stuff. Pretty sweet. If not, even just a couple of nests isn't bad, and he does have his own to add into it. His beard is also helpful, and while not as good as Wilsons is still good to have, and grows quicker too. Maxwell, when he gets added of course, just going by the mod, has amazing sanity regen, which is his claim to fame as use for a character. Without that, his Armour and weapon would run out soon enough, and his book requires nightmare fuel to function. His sanity regen is balanced by his extreme difficulty to go insane as well as his poor, poor health. His regen means that sanity items for everyone else is less likely to be picked up, and he can also eat sanity decreasing foods without worry to his... Sanity. Also, he can be a brilliant team player when the base is all set up and many are dead. If he can supply himself with enough health regain via dragon fruit or some such, he's the best for crafting telltale hearts with, since that brilliant sanity regen of his means that he will likely never come into insanity problems. As for the other characters, people will list their points. In the scheme of things though, every character is worth playing as if you like them, even if you feel they aren't as good as another character. Do I think Wickerbottom, Wigfrid and Maxwell are the best? Certainly. Do I dislike the other characters? No. Do I still play as Webber and Wilson? Of course. People just don't play for their abilities, but because they also like the character in question. That's a good enough reason in itself to think they are the best character, even if stat wise they aren't.
  6. I hate it when people call him Waxwell when referring to his game counterpart. I know it's in the files but still arrrrgh. Yes, anyway you couldn't really grief any better with Maxwell then you could most characters, though not so much as griefing as perhaps less urgency to help the dead, due in part to his screw sanity regen and in part due to his poor health, which is not ideal for reviving people. Basically everyone besides the people who hate ghost sanity drain hate Maxwell.
  7. I wish Don't Starve had more music, honestly. I suppose by not having any in the morning for example, it's suppose to invoke a... Loneliness feel? I don't know, I just don't feel anything besides a lack of sound. Considering the quality of the music, it pains me to have to get some music up whenever it's daytime or just quiet. There's a mod for dawn music, though. Look it up. It's nice.
  8. It's a shame that everyone can't have their own Chester/Glommer though. I guess there's mods for it, but Chester is love, Chester is life. We should all embrace the Chester.
  9. That's a puzzle that even Layton himself can't solve. (cough cough reference cough) Anyways, I think everyone should be grateful that it's nearly out of early access. Some games are going into 3 years and are still in early access, many of them survival games, ironically....
  10. Look, in all honesty getting food was never the problem. Especially in multiplayer since..... The problem comes from so many people dying stupid deaths that cause you to have a constant sanity drain. You won't be able to have enough green caps, flowers, cactuses cooked or jerky to keep yourself up as well as others when that happens.
  11. ((Applies to DS and DST)) NOOO! DON'T HAUNT! DON'T HAUNT! AAARGH!!! Beefalo beefalo beefy meaty beefalo..... I have a pet mole! I'm gonna name him bucky! Everything is on FIRE!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! I see a Willow! 80 percent likely to be a troll, I can just feel it in my blood! Gee, 12 farms, 9 racks, plenty materials.... Now what?....
  12. I should try Willow just to see how long it takes for me to get kicked! Wait a minute.... NEW CHALLENGE! Willow: Survival of the least banned! See how long you can play as Willow before some jackass sees you and reports you to the admin, despite you doing nothing wrong! It's the game for ALL AGES!