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  1. I had walls at first but they got destroyed by some giant or other, and they just got in the way. I find a solid circle of traps works best, then you can just keep leading the enemy across it in any direction, trying to guide them to untriggered traps, till they die. But yes, otherwise pan flute and gundpowder (don't use too much on giants that aren't dragonfly, or you'll only get ash for loot), and/or blow darts - shoot, run, shoot, run till it dies. I always end up with lots of blow darts after hunting MacTusk all Winter.
  2. For Wigfrid I always make a crock pot on day 1, wherever I am when I get the rocks & gold I need for the science machine (having burnt a few trees earlier for charcoal). I make sure I have plenty of berries by then, and apart from her starter meat I usually have some monster meat by then from spiders. Then I make as many meatballs as I can before moving on, so I can focus on exploring and finding a good place for a base - usually near ponds so I can leave traps and collect frogs legs each evening. And in the Winter when the ponds freeze I'll be off hunting MacTusk anyway. Try to always use a crock pot rather than eating meat cooked on a fire (unless you're desperate of course), and never leave home without food as otherwise she'll most likely starve. Once you get the hang of this, she's a really fun character to play.
  3. When you hear the noise and get the warning you don't need to go looking for him, just wait and pretty soon the ground will start to shake - he always spawns next to where you are and I've always had him come into view straight after the ground shakes, unless there's a structure nearby in the other direction that he goes towards. If you run around, chances are you'll run in the wrong direction and miss him. If you want to be sure not to miss him, build a fire pit and wait by it when you get the warning, as he'll most likely come over to smash it (just try not to be near your base at the time, if you don't want that smashed too).
  4. On my current run through I got him on my second and third Winters, both times in the last 5 or so days of Winter. For me he always seems to come towards the end.
  5. @Celicni If you click on the green and blue square third from the left in the top row of symbols, it says special BBCode, and one of the options in the drop down menu is spoiler.
  6. I can't answer the survey as it depends on who/what I'm fighting.
  7. Well I can totally agree with this. I just died in Winter, due to my own stupidity/bad luck - got attacked by 2 MacTusks at once AND a tallbird and didn't have new armour ready. Resurrected at a touchstone I'd forgotten to prepare, with nothing, in the middle of a swamp miles from home. Managed to run to some grass & twigs and make a torch. Set light to the nearest tree. Continued to do this, had a close call with a frog that was right next to the only tree in sight so I had no choice, spent some time running round the tree avoiding the frog while making sure I'd warmed up enough to make it to the next tree, finally made it back to my main base with 6 health left. If that had been Summer I'd never have made it back at all. For one thing, grass and twigs are shown on the map so I was able to run straight to the nearest ones, whereas flowers for a parasol are not, so you'd have to do some searching.
  8. I only just found the wooden thing a few days before Summer - it was hidden in the middle of a spider-infested forest. Luckily I'm playing as Wigfrid so I easily killed the clockwork monsters. I just took out the dragonfly with some gunpowder too - very satisfying. xD
  9. In terms of regulating your temperature I think they're similar, but Summer has the problem of things setting on fire as well so I'd say Summer.
  10. I do whatever makes the game more enjoyable for me. The only console command I ever use is to spawn a krampus sack at the start of each game, since I don't really want to spend hours trying to get one, and I use the mod that lets you use armour/clothing and carry a backpack (can't remember the name), because that makes sense to me, and a lot of my pleasure comes from collecting stuff. I love collecting and hoarding and seeing what I can do with it. Then I also use mods to give me more map icons so I don't constantly have to go running around finding where the beefalo have wandered too, for example. And right at the start of a game I use a map revealer just to check it's a map I'll enjoy, then I disable it since I enjoy exploring (I never remember where anything was). When I get fed up with this version of play, I'm sure I'll go looking for more mods, but only ones that I think will refresh the experience for me. And I'm sure by then I'll also enjoy the challenge of a completely mod-less game, as it will feel fresh again.
  11. I know! My longest is around 150 days. It's taken me a lot of attempts to finally manage (mostly) to avoid stupid deaths. Like when I really should run away but I think 'I'll JUST pick up that last piece of something first...'.
  12. I can see myself going that way too - already hammered and rebuilt some of the walls around my frog ponds a couple of times. And now I'm eyeing up my crockpot, icebox etc thinking I don't like where they are, but I'm going to try to leave things alone till I've built up my supplies a bit more.
  13. @Dasein808 So organised! I especially like the night time view with all the fireflies. Thanks for sharing.