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  1. Also found Icebox trap (It was a nice, short 2 days of summer this year.). There's an Icebox that can be hammered for a gear.
  2. No, no really. There are these "spooky" trees in the forests!
  3. You are kidding me, right? Totally Normal Tree But that might be just on the account of RNG that I'm encountering so much of them.
  4. I've yet to see a single one spawn (Atleast on default settings. Way too much if 'Lots' or 'More'.). So where do you get your gears? Digging the graves? And as a side note. What's up with all the Totally Normal Trees?
  5. This. OMFG. Need to put this game on pause until it's fixed.
  6. And here's my work in progress (As always.). Edit: I seem to have misplaced my chester.
  7. But you know the reason why.. Don't fight the giants at your base. Less time sitting at the campfire, moer out in the wilds.
  8. This is how it starts.. You know, all those still makes the game a wee bit easier.
  9. Whoah, I was on my way there. It started with one, soon there were 2... You see where this was heading? Then, one particular mod crashed the game and corrupted the save file and I saw the errors of my ways. Never again!
  10. "Just one more thing." Mine was just destroyed by Dragonfly. And I thought getting through the winter was hard..
  11. I am REALLY trying to learn how to survive without the backpack because I have a bad habit of throwing them in to my campfires. I think I spend WAAAY too much time standing by the fire. Then when something happens, I panicbutton my armour on and the next thing I notice is the bag with assorted loot burning.