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  1. Up and Away

    How do I get UP there? Shopkeeper mention something about beefalo ?!
  2. Superstitions?

    All Eyeplant must be kill/burn/destroy. Feel so unsafe. And its buggy.
  3. I playing with setting LOTS for all mobs. Feel so unsafe without a log suit.
  4. Webber world domination

    The problem with spider nests is that they are highly flammable. I'm playing a world with LOTS in most settings, hence a single fire hound, will burn down quite a bit of nests. Sad.
  5. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    "Looks yummy" *Eat
  6. Hound Poison

    Damn, if only this works on Depth worms. +1 for effort
  7. The Heavy

    Where's the sandwich? hahaaa
  8. Less Worms Mod.rar

    Hi, Any details on the difference in the number of worms spawned after installing the mod? Thx for the work.