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Patch Notes - Rev 102535 May 23, 2014

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  • Developer

Hey everyone. We had a couple hiccups with the standalone build getting rolled out before it was quite ready, but the issues that caused should be solved now. I'm about to set the build live on Steam, so I'm putting up the patch notes now.


Patch Notes for Rev 102535



Bug Fixes



  • Fixed crash that could occur when Catcoon vomited (believe cause was if it switched from neutral to friendly while it was retching a high number of times).

  • Fixed crash that would occur a few seconds after a Slurtle had been lit on fire.

  • Fixed crash that could occur when Birchnut Tree switched its leaf state (to a different season or to its monster version) - OverrideSymbol crash.

  • Fixed crash that would occur when a Lureplant ate something that wasn’t stackable (i.e. tallbird egg).

  • Fixed crash that could occur when something died when playing as Wendy.


World and Systems

  • Shadows from falling items (specifically moles and rabbits, I believe) will no longer stick around permanently after an earthquake.

  • Summer DSP (i.e. muffled sounds) will no longer get into a bad state when transitioning from Spring to Summer.

  • Rain will now continue properly when loading a game that was saved with rain falling at the time of the save.

  • Lightning strikes at the start of Night will no longer cause the lighting to go to full darkness after the lightning.

  • Player will now enter Ruins at the location of the rope after dying in the Ruins, rather than at their death location.

  • Items that transform during a Full Moon will no longer get stuck in a bad state due to entering/exiting caves surrounding a Full Moon.

  • The Game is Afoot adventure level should now use the correct season mode in Reign of Giants (seasons as described on the wiki).

  • Wetness threshold on the world now matches the wetness threshold on the inventory.



  • Fireflies now turn light on and off and disperse appropriately.

  • Moleworms will make new Burrows after being dropped (provided their home Burrow has been dug up) again.

  • Snurtle and Slurtle will drop shell pieces again.

  • Glommer will stay bound to the Glommer Flower when entering/exiting caves instead of starting to follow the player.

  • Frogs will now only steal leafy meat from a Lureplant if the Lureplant is showing the meat.

  • Bees and Butterflies can no longer be combined into a stack from the inventory with a wild bee/butterfly.

  • Creatures following the player will no longer respawn and immediately die when entering/exiting the caves.

  • Volt Goats will now attack walls.

  • Walrus Camps will no longer spawn additional creatures on load.

  • Creatures no longer get stuck in a behavior (i.e. OnFire or GoHome: manifested as creatures walking into walls forever, etc).

  • Hound wave warning sfx no longer get stuck playing if save/load while they are playing.

  • Ice Hounds will now spawn in hound waves during Spring.



  • Endothermic fire sfx will now fall off properly.

  • Oval screen overlay is now less visible when wearing the Moggles.

  • Foods cooked in a Crock Pot no longer inherit the moisture from their ingredients: the product will always be dry when it finishes cooking.

  • Waterproof items can no longer get wet.

  • Wigfrid’s Spear and Helm are now set to be specific to her.

  • Willow’s Lighter no longer cools the player during Summer.

  • An Egg that rots in an Ice Box will no longer disappear (Rotten Eggs can now go in the Ice Box).

  • Items (inventory items and planted items) will no longer disappear on load if they have been lit on fire and extinguished.



  • Changing the Wigfrid Umlaut option while in a game will now make the change take effect immediately, instead of only after loading the game.

  • Wickerbottom will now get correct penalties for eating stale or spoiled food.

  • Webber will no longer target spiders when pressing F to attack.



  • Button hint for controllers was not showing when focus was on the Reign of Giants toggle button on the new game screen.

  • Fix “ACTION” button hint text on some inventory items when using a controller.



  • Hambat can now be placed in the Ice Box.

  • Brightened dusk in Spring slightly.

  • Sleeping in a Siesta Canopy or Tent now dries you by 30 moisture points instead of reducing moisture to 0.

  • Moles and Rabbits will no longer get dropped by earthquakes in the Ruins.

  • Improve the way that the Spring giant’s warning sfx are played.

  • Make number of frogs spawned from Frog Rain increase over time (starts lower than previous default).

  • Improve the way rain damage is calculated for WX-78.

  • Re-export strings.pot files to include some new strings.



  • Can now click a button to select a random character on the character select screen.

  • Added a maximum number of flowers spawned in an area from rain during Spring. It is a tuning value that can be set to a lower number if a player is having performance issues from this.

  • Added Warg to the customization screen.


Mod Support/Mod-Facing Bug Fixes (more details here)

  • (IMPORTANT) MOD_API_VERSION number is now 6.

  • (IMPORTANT) Added support for specifying mod compatibility with Don’t Starve base game and with Reign of Giants. This is done by adding and setting variables to true/false as appropriate in modinfo.lua. The variables are “dont_starve_compatible” and “reign_of_giants_compatible” (no quotes) respectively.

  • Added support for mod configuration options. This is done by adding a table (variable must be called “configuration_options”) to modinfo.lua and populating it as described in the thread linked above. If configuration options exist for a given mod, there will be a Configure Mod button on the mods screen when the mod is selected.

  • Added support for modding the prefix/string construction for items that are smoldering, withered or wet.

  • Added a post init function that will run for all prefabs.

  • Added a post init function for the player prefab.

  • Moved require calls for DLC characters into strings.lua, rather than having them in the character prefab constructors.

  • Added support for character mod portraits in the morgue screen (will default to a question mark if the character mod isn’t enabled).

  • Added support for changing the number of ingredients allowed in a stewer component (as well as the number of ingredients needed to do stewing).

  • Added an ongrowth callback function in the growable component.

  • Fixed chest scenarios assuming that various components exist when accessing them.

  • Fixed some bugs, including a crash, with repairable items’ inspect strings.

  • Health component will now properly reschedule the regeneration task if it already has an active regeneration task.

  • Fix a bug in the string pattern matching used ClearCurrentResurrectors.


Hotfix Rev 102572

  • Fix crash occurring at world gen with mods enabled.
  • Fix crash occurring when a food with health or hunger penalties applied to it is eaten.
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This is great! Now I don't have to worry about that rain-stopping bug every time I exit my world! Thanks! :-)


 Also, I'm not sure if this question'll pain ya but, will Don't Starve ever be fully compatible with Fedora? Unfortunately, there are some system-related bugs here and there, like sound problems. There's also a bug that crashes the game when clicking a link button on the menu screen. Forgive me if I'm bothering.

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So... For standalone newest version is 102481 or 102264? I updated it and now IDK which is newer (last time was a month ago (new internet limit) and then yesterday. Does that mean I have to update it yet? (I have 102264)).

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  • Developer

I noticed that you didn't list the bug where when you light a fire pit with a fire staff, it burns for infinity. Kinda a big bug (I don't even know if its been reported yet actually)


Whoa! This is actually the first I've heard of that. Yeah, uh... that's definitely not desired, haha. I've added it to my list, thanks for the report!

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  • Developer

Edited the OP, but one particularly nasty bug has cropped up:

  • Mods are crashing during world gen. Workaround is to create your world with all mods disabled, save your world, go back to the mods menu, enable your mods, and then load into your game. The proper fix will come early next week. Apologies for the disruption.
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I hope the mod issue is fixed soon :/ Got some worlds im far in with those mods and can't get back to them lol.

Also quick question. How can you see what rev your game is? I saw people talking about them being behind on rev's? Just wanted to make sure mine was fine

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  • Can now click a button to select a random character on the character select screen.

I've wanted this for so long.


My experiences with this so far though:


"Hm, I should play someone other than Maxwell for a change. But who? Random!"

*spawns in a world as Maxwell*

"Welp, I tried".

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