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  1. My only small complaint about beta keys, is that there is an experience such as the one above that I am missing out on. With absolutely no option of joining other than waiting. So wait I will. sooooooon.... right? (And yes I understand that the beta keys is necessary, im not saying Klei did anything wrong)
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I play Don't Starve on steam, but I downloaded the standalone version on my little brothers computer so he could play it. Would I be able to play multiplayer local Lan with my little brother without having to buy another copy of the game?
  3. I like to think of spiders in Don't Starve as spider-ant hybrid. Which is why they have 6 legs, live in nests, have different roles (spider warriors), and have queens. And considering the amount of hybrid animals in this game, it makes sense.
  4. Am I the only one that has no idea what youre talking about? What does the old bell or buzzards have anything to do with J20hawk's post?
  5. I disagree. I would love to play adventure mode with my friends.
  6. Im getting this to. I have an endothermic fire prebuilt, and its definitely still dinging every time I do something to my inventory. I tried verifying the game cache, still broken.
  7. Well not all foods need to be refrigerated. Like cereal.
  8. The point of a refrigerator is to keep things cool or prevent them from spoiling. You don't put your dishes in the fridge just because its faster than keeping them in their own spot. Actually that might be a good idea.. i should try that.
  9. Im hoping that stupid bell chime is a bug and not intentional. Either way it needs to be gone.
  10. I think the idea of having to make a portal in single player to get to multiplayer would be annoying and pointless. I would just end up making a new world and debug spawning one in, and just using that everytime I want to get to multiplayer. But then I would be giving up one of my very few save slots. And if I didn't even have the option of debug spawning it? I would be pretty upset. It would just be a waste of my time.
  11. It was this post that set me off and caused me to rant in the first thread I just happened to be in. But I've noticed others complaining about Klei these past few days on a few different threads.
  12. What's with all the people hating on Klei and saying they've been doing a bad job recently? I think Klei has been doing a freakin awesome job recently. Ther adding MULTIPLAYER for gods sake! Do you people not appreciate how awesome that is?
  13. I'm really hoping it will be the same as we have now, you can respawn if you have effigies, touchstone, etc. And if you die without one, maybe your friend can build one to revive you. But thats all just what I think it should be. We wont actually know until the devs give us more details.
  14. No no no no no no nonononono nooooooooo. @emerxtreme You have ENTIRELY the wrong idea about what multiplayer will be like. This is not WoW. This is not Rust. This is not DayZ. This is not a MMO at all. Don't Starve Multiplayer shouldn't even have public servers. It should just be private servers where you can play with your trusted friends.