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  1. Version 1.0


    Introduction: During night,it's boring to wait near a fire pit to see the next day comming.It's also boring when you are near a Spider/Tallbird Nest and you don't see anything.Or being hunted by a giant . Now with Kaori,it's you the hunter.She has a night vision.She start with a spear in her inventory.Can eat everything. Stats: Health : 150 Hunger : 150 Sanity : 120 (EDIT : Due to her power night vison she have 120 sanity instead of 200) She have also a small resistance to overheat and freeze. (For the moment it's still a work-in-progress ! I met some problems with her custom hair so I will update her soon.So I let you discover her for the moment: I used Wendy's hair for her head untill her own art hair style).
  2. I can try,also i'm lookin Sure it is possible. But I can also make the ghost drop 1 nightmare fuel with a very small chance because they don't give anything.I will also update the mod icon in game becuse I forgotted it.Let me know if you want something more .
  3. This is really niceI like the hand and wilson with torch.good work
  4. Version 1.0


    There are three types of Boulders. Each has different loot. Smooth: ×3(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 1 more) ×1(Small chance for 1m more) Gold Vein: ×3(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Very rare chance to get 1) Flintless: ×4(Medium chance for 2 more)
  5. Yay very cool !Good job ! I want to playit now!
  6. If I fin the good colors,I hate to find the right color,for the straw hat I will go for yellow but I don't want the color of the gold nugget . so hard. If I find them I will edit
  7. Thanks,I wanted to try a Moose with Wigfrid in front of him (Follow the eyes) But she was too small and I was lazy so I just made the Moose and I drawn my current Wigfrid with umbrella and Summer Frest during summer.
  8. Hello,I was kinda bored so I wanted to draw my game.That was maybe dangerous but I finally got them: The 2 first giants I could capture. Source:No one(I just made screenshots of my game to draw this.Unfortunaly,I'm lazy today so it will be in Black&White,no color) :/ Wigfrid with Summer Frest & Umbrella Original: Then Art: The Moose The Deerclops (Comming soon) EDIT:here the deerclops !
  9. Really nice,the Willow is funny,she looks like a witch lol but the Wilson is very cute,it's like a kid playing with an orb,the Willow's apprentice ! Both are learning magic spells ! Anyway awsome I like the colors
  10. Very nice work. The colors are beautiful too,nice choice for the blackground
  11. Really nice and cute as well ! With a heart it will be more cute lol