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  1. haha funny,what's about that hand?
  2. Kaori

    Version 1.0


    Introduction: During night,it's boring to wait near a fire pit to see the next day comming.It's also boring when you are near a Spider/Tallbird Nest and you don't see anything.Or being hunted by a giant . Now with Kaori,it's you the hunter.She has a night vision.She start with a spear in her inventory.Can eat everything. Stats: Health : 150 Hunger : 150 Sanity : 120 (EDIT : Due to her power night vison she have 120 sanity instead of 200) She have also a small resistance to overheat and freeze. (For the moment it's still a work-in-progress ! I met some problems with her custom hair so I will update her soon.So I let you discover her for the moment: I used Wendy's hair for her head untill her own art hair style).
  3. Better Boulders

    I can try,also i'm lookin Sure it is possible. But I can also make the ghost drop 1 nightmare fuel with a very small chance because they don't give anything.I will also update the mod icon in game becuse I forgotted it.Let me know if you want something more .
  4. This is really niceI like the hand and wilson with torch.good work
  5. Hello,I was kinda bored so I wanted to draw my game.That was maybe dangerous but I finally got them: The 2 first giants I could capture. Source:No one(I just made screenshots of my game to draw this.Unfortunaly,I'm lazy today so it will be in Black&White,no color) :/ Wigfrid with Summer Frest & Umbrella Original: Then Art: The Moose The Deerclops (Comming soon) EDIT:here the deerclops !
  6. Better Boulders

    Version 1.0


    There are three types of Boulders. Each has different loot. Smooth: ×3(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 1 more) ×1(Small chance for 1m more) Gold Vein: ×3(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Small chance for 2 more) ×1(Very rare chance to get 1) Flintless: ×4(Medium chance for 2 more)
  7. Up and Away

    Yay very cool !Good job ! I want to playit now!
  8. My Wigfrid And Giants Art

    If I fin the good colors,I hate to find the right color,for the straw hat I will go for yellow but I don't want the color of the gold nugget . so hard. If I find them I will edit
  9. My Wigfrid And Giants Art

    Thanks,I wanted to try a Moose with Wigfrid in front of him (Follow the eyes) But she was too small and I was lazy so I just made the Moose and I drawn my current Wigfrid with umbrella and Summer Frest during summer.
  10. .More of the art.

    Really nice,the Willow is funny,she looks like a witch lol but the Wilson is very cute,it's like a kid playing with an orb,the Willow's apprentice ! Both are learning magic spells ! Anyway awsome I like the colors
  11. Very nice work. The colors are beautiful too,nice choice for the blackground
  12. New tattoo of my girlfriend and I

    Really nice and cute as well ! With a heart it will be more cute lol
  13. Sounds great to me but why Ice? Ice is the ennemy of the fire(Look at the flingomatic)
  14. If you want rotten eggs just let them in your chest .
  15. Character Mod: Mandy

    Oh I see,good luck then,It's a lot of work.
  16. Hello everybody, I drawn Wilson as gift for LadyAzure for the courage to continue what I love the most : Drawning things I like ! I promised to LadyAzure that I will drawn something today and here you can see that I did it(It took me 1h+ to drawn this and my hand hurt me right now,but i'm proud of the good resultat) Of course I share it with everyone because it's not only a gift,it's also an art from me so enjoy it and let me know what you are thinking about it ! Any comments are welcome P.S : I made a miniature with it for my signature,it's funny so I keep it Source: kyuubi3000 at DeviantArt.
  17. A Gift For LadyAzure ♥

    I didn't said other users caused trouble ! You don"t even understand...the dictionary is for you ! and I'm not gonna to argue with you so i edited the source so tell me if he is good or not so we can finish that discussion . Thanks!
  18. A Gift For LadyAzure ♥

    You give me an headhache. Other people are good for explain things,not you !
  19. A Gift For LadyAzure ♥

    Thanks,that's all I wanted to know,that wasn't hard !
  20. A Gift For LadyAzure ♥

    I would like but I'm sorry,I don't even know what mean give credit . I speak french,so credit in french mean money(it's not a joke) ! So what do you want I do to repair my mistake so that stupid problem will be solved because you guys are crying for a law I don't even know,maybe your countries are very rude because mine don't even say something about that .
  21. A Gift For LadyAzure ♥

    I didn't even traced it or say it's my work or myidea,or I made it myself ! If you know how to read,the title of the post is "a gift for" so when you don't know what's going on please don't talk ! Don't be mad because I don't have the time to go on google to find the artist and say hey sorry I will draw an art of your creation for a friend,because i'm not a google user so next time,take 3 second to think about it !