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  1. Nice artwork, I loved the SU reference! I might post some o' my own stuff here as well, who knows... This is Nika and Jolie... BACK TOGETHER!!
  2. I was in situation where there was a guard and a drone, I hacked the drone and it killed the guard, the next turn it killed me.
  3. Something I would like to know the first time I played: Peeking requires 1 action point.Watching a guard also requires 1 action point.Holding on to a guard body keeps the KO countdown at max.Also, does anyone knows how to deal with drones? They always kill me...
  4. These are great, I laughed out loud at a lot of them, I didn't like what you did abou Wigfrid though, she's an actress, yes, but she should be in her character. You also made almost all characters know her only for her voice and that's a bit odd. I made my own sugestions in bold in some of the lines if you don't mind.
  5. This is mainly why I don't like the idea of multiplaying, I don't see it working at all.
  6. Yeah I wasn't disagreeing, I was just saying I said the same thing some pages ago. But yeah, we could both be very wrong indeed.
  7. I pointed out a while ago that the proportions don't match .___. Could be Abigail and she would happen to be taller than Wendy, twins don't always are identical. The other shadow I'm almost positive it's Wes though.
  8. Well, Woodie is canadian and Charlie has an canadian sister, I immediately thought of Lucy. haha But why do you doubt it exactly?
  9. You will make Wilson's black sleeves too? His arms aren't naked. Btw, good job!
  10. Maybe Charlie's Sister was Lucy?