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What does this game remind you of?

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A lot of people will compare this game to Minecraft or Terraria, which is understandable. But it reminds me greatly of a ds game called Lost in Blue. Where two characters were stranded on an island together and had to learn how to survive. And you could craft things and gather things just the like.

What does the game remind you of?

I recently bought the game, and it is great,! Been stalking the forums a bit, and can't wait to see how the game will develop over time.

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It reminds me of Harvest Moon. I used to really enjoy building up my farm, getting barns of cows and chickens, developing the entire planting the entire farm with vegetables or grass. I am right now enjoying building up my bases and changing the very landscape around me with my own hands. I realize this is the direction the developers are moving away from. I just want them to know that this kind of open ended game, that seems repetitive, can have its own charm. I hope there will always be an endless mode like there is right now so I always have the option of playing like this, as well as play it as a brutal survival game.

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It reminds me of Stranded/Stranded II. Survival game. Predators. Immediate and ongoing need to find food water and shelter. Constant gathering of resources. Craftable structures, storage bins, weapons. Harvesting and replanting. Skills.

It's a great game and I highly recommend it, if you can tear yourself away from this one. I feel disloyal to my first love in survival games, but I have to say Don't Starve is a better game in many ways. On the other hand, Stranded II does have a story mode, a sandbox mode, and a map editor.

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Don't Starve totally reminds me of DeathSpank ...which is completely awesome because I loved DeathSpank for its humor and especially its unique graphics and art style... Don't Starve was love on first look, just like DeathSpank :-P

And yeah.. of course things like Minecraft and stuff... Don't Starve could learn a few things from Minecraft maybe. At first I would totally change the research system to make it more fun than just throw garbage in it hehe.. but I know youre working on it <3

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Another lesser-known indie game "Haven & Hearth," definitely. Everyone says Minecraft, but I don't see it. That's how I found Haven too, because people said it was like Minecraft, but it's 100 times better in gameplay and ten times worse in lag. Now Haven is more similar to Don't Starve than Minecraft is to either, especially the research system that reminds me of a minuscule version of the learning points system in HnH.

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