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  1. Coal Pencil

    I was going to say this. Writing on the signs would make them useful. Right now they are on the border of pointless.
  2. Meant to quote the guy above you.
  4. ko-al-ef-enteditI should be more specifickohaaleffehnnt
  5. If you want the original camera view quit and re-enter the game. It resets.
  6. Tree cutting

    I pointed this out once last year, and also like 3 days ago.
  7. Larger world

    How dare you people disturb the dead!?
  8. The H idea

    All my bases have fire-pits which show up on the map. My main encampment also has fields of very closely grown grass and twigs that make it obvious. I have never found it difficult to figure out where my stuff is.
  9. Juicy Mappy Goodness

    Looks good. I just hope it doesn't result in the thing that occasionally happens now where you come across land that switches biomes constantly in very small patches that therefore don't really exhibit their flora and fauna, but just some differently coloured ground.
  10. What does this game remind you of?

    It reminds me of a text-based game called Don't **** Your Pants. Mostly because the title tells you the entirety of what you're meant to do in the game. But I have described this game as Minecraft+Harvest Moon+Cleverness.
  11. @ Dom-Sithe - I look for plains with beefalos before I make my base camp. I am always surrounded by shitting wooly food. Also rabbits and grass. @ John Explosion - I approach this game as I would my own abandonment on an inhospitable landscape - make every effort to terraform and reconstruct such that the landscape becomes hospitable and survival becomes a standard; Then you can focus on escape.
  12. I had an idea of this variety as well. I find I tend to basically eat one or two things because they're easy to get. I Don't have any particular suggestions for how to implement it in the game aside from the one windbourne made - eat one thing and it decreases in value. For those of you trapping rabbits forever:
  13. The shovel is useless? The point when I figured out that the shovel meant I could transplant grass, twigs, and bushes was the point that I began to think this game was easy. My entire play style is built around centrilized resources. I bring resources to me: Find grass, dig it up. Find twigs, dig it up. Find a bush, dig it up. Find bees, smash their ****, capture them, build a box. Find trees, chop them down, gather acorns, plant an orchard. Find stones, smash them, bring them home, build **** out of them. And so on. If the shovel didn't exist, the entire game would involve constantly running around in a panic looking for resources. The shovel makes you a home. The shovel is civilization. Plus you can steal science-y stuff from dead guys with it. The shovel is amazing.
  14. Exposition posibility

    I neglected to include the phrase "if there is any per se"
  15. Based on the graphical style of the game (and especially the ocean) I think it would be really neat if any exposition/'cut scene' happened in the form of a play. I have found that the whole game kind of looks like the scenery you would see in a play, or an early movie - bits of board in layers that could be moved and so on. Maybe Wilson sees plays in his dreams.