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  1. Am I the only one that felt that food replenish less hunger than before? Especially food types that you can harvest from the ground without building anything particular like rabbit meat, carrots, seeds and berries?
  2. I think the same. They're all unrelated characters, and they're all evil. Even if they're not really evil, they're heavily faulted, like all human beings after all. And:1) Either Maxwell is giving them redemption after death through surviving through what they did worst in life being they're most powerful tool to exorcise they're evilness.2)Maxwell wants to give them redemption, but they're not dead.3)It's not a matter of redemption. After dead in their world, you have to constantly jump from island to island (a little bit like planescape torment) trying to find something that can give you final death.
  3. Well since there is no moral objectivity, everyone could be insane following your definition.
  4. It would be smart. But still not a solution for the farm overpower.
  5. Good job, dude! Yesterday I was thinking about a new firebased weapon being killed by a walking tree. I'm happy
  6. Yeah the guy who got closer I think is the one that hinted to the sanity meter.
  7. So there are two possibilities. Either the developer has broken down or his community is too stupid. Both of them not nice possibilities, I'm afraid.
  8. I don't know which is weirder whether the comment or the map... O.o
  9. Yeah, as Soon as I will have a little bit of free time (university exams) I will do it myself. We still need research on a couple of items/monsters though. The list of unresearched stuff is found in the first post of the thread. I will try to refresh it everytime someone finds something out.
  10. Yeah but the thing is that eventually you will run out of rocks to make pig houses, so eventually pigs will die off if killed and no other renewable way is found to gather rocks. In any case, when we finish this list, shouldn't we put it on the wiki or somewhere for future reference? I guess knowing what's renewable and what's not is really important so that players can manage their resources better.
  11. It reminds me of Stranded II. Actually people just give it a go, it's free to download. It should be played with the Massive Mod though, in my opinion vanilla game is a little bit too easy.
  12. Thank you very much to everyone that contributed to the research. We still need other stuff to get researched, as I refreshed the first post of the thread. We need confirmation for that. To my game they never respawned, but it would be nice to know 100%.
  13. This post is a continuing research to understang what's renewable and what's not renewable in the Don't Starve universe. Infinite: Grass: infinitely renewable resource, unless you pick up the Tuft with the showel and feed it to the Science Machine. Saplings: same as the Grass. Reed: same as Grass and Saplings. Berries: these have a different behaviour, since many players use them for farming. A single bush can be harvested 5 times before going depleted, then you have to fertilize it. Feeding the bush to the Science machine completely destroys it with no possibility of going back. Manure: it's infinite, as long as beefalos and pigmen are available. Pigmen: as of this version if killed they respawn everyday from their houses. Wood: for every tree cut one or two pine cone will be available to replant other trees. They don't respawn on their own. If all the trees are destroyed and no pine cone left, wood will be impossible to harvest. Gold: gold is infinite since you can feed meat to the king of pigs and get gold nuggets from him. Still unclear whether the nugget is a repayment or the action of nature. Carrots: they won't respawn in the ground, but they are easily made infinite by building farms and planting seeds. Flowers: by catching and releasing a butterfly it's possible to create a flower, making them infinite since the materials to make a bug net are infinite as well. Spiders: every nest has a fixed amount of spiders. If cleared of spiders after a few days it will respawn spiders again. Every nest should drop at least one spider egg, making possible to create another nest. Rabbits: as long as there are rabbit holes in the ground (which can be destroyed by spades) rabbits are infinite; Frogs: will respawn out of Ponds every 8-12 in-game hours. They hide in the Ponds during Dusk and Night, however, so you can't see or kill any unless it's Daytime. Fish: can be caught out of the same Pond over and over using a Fishing Rod; however, each subsequent cast takes longer and longer to hook a fish. If you fish the same Pond more than 5-6 times in a row, it can take 4-6 in-game hours for another bite. On the plus side, Ponds seem to restock themselves quickly as long as you're not non-stop fishing out of one. Gobblers: they are randomly generated everyting the player harvest berry bushes. Hounds (fire and not): they are randomly generated to attack the player, so they should be infinite. Treeguard: everytime the player cut a tree there is a slight chance that one of this monsters will be generated. As long as there are trees and the player cuts them they are infinite. Bees: they respawn from bee hives every day, but only six at a time. Tallbird egg: it's infinite as it respawns on the nest. It's uknownw whether it will continue to respawn even if the tallbird is dead. Pine cone: infinite as long as there are trees to be cut. Finite Rocks: they are found in big boulders and those boulders don't respawn. Flint: it's found either on the ground or in big boulder and they never respawn. Beefalos: as of now they seem to not respawn. Mandrakes: only a fixed number is placed in the map and they never respawn. They are very rare. Tallbird: they seem to not respawn. Beehives: if destroyed they do not respawn. The only way to make more bees would be to collect alive bees and make a bee box. Rabbits hole: if dug up they don't respawn. Pigs house: they don't respawn if destroyed. They can be built by the player, but since they require cut rock, which is a finite resource, they can't be built infinite times. Boulders: they don't respawn. (Not one hundred percent sure, though.) We still need a lot of entries. We need to research on: Graves. Swamp monster. Red birds. Crows. Fireflies. Butterflies. Boulders. And probably other stuff I forgot. Once again: FOR SCIENCE!