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  1. Dupes won't cook mush bar

    After the current save has been running for a while, sometimes the Dupes will not actually make Mush Bars even if they deposit the resources. If you reset the food production qeue, they may make Mush Bars again, or not, it is irregular. I saved, exited to menu, loaded the save and suddenly they start making Mush Bars again. Other food productions are completely unaffected by this. I've ran into this bug several times.
  2. The main menu is so...empty...

    Woodie and Lucy chopping down a tree, Treegaurd spawns and now they flee.
  3. While I agree we shouldn't get more stuff just cause, I really think the story is unfinished as it is now. I would have preferred getting the story finished than every update since it released.
  4. New Item: Totem Poll

    The totem would be carved as the head of a pig, merm, bird, and bunny.A different totem that attracted hostile mobs to dance around them when you danced would be a spider, shadowbeast, hound, and deerclops.
  5. I like the strange shading effect on the colors on the trees.
  6. Horatio's Fan art Thread

    YES! The joke wasn't too obscure!
  7. Horatio's Fan art Thread

    So begins the rope jokes.
  8. Wayne

    How about for a con, using gold to make things or giving to pigs lowers his sanity.
  9. Night Forever

    Endless night sounds fun and difficult. I wouldn't want an endless torch, kind of defeats a lot of the purpose. Spawning next to a campfire with a torch next to it would work.
  10. Rpg mode

    This would be a fine mod, but not a feature.
  11. Horatio's Fan art Thread

    I guess Don't Starve is a new age re-imagining of the classic book. Sort of an elaborate metaphor though, not even mentioning Charlotte's Web in the game's credits.Edit: Changed the text.
  12. Tutorial

    Heh, it is sort of a strategy game already if you use Pigs and walls a lot.
  13. Order of Characters..?

    The later characters in a game seem to me as more of a fun mode than a gameplay arc. It might be that there's no really correct progression since this game's characters are all sort of varied. Course, Wes should never be an early unlock.
  14. Order of Characters..?

    Sounds good actually, I just don't like the order from a character perspective. The Robot and the Mime don't seem narratively like the "normal" characters to start out with, but the original four are more typical.
  15. Tutorial

    I disagree.The gameplay tutorial for me worked out like this, "What's with these tabs, oh, I can build stuff. I think I'll build an axe." etc. I actually watched a guy playing this without telling him about it and he died to the grue because he didn't look around on his screen, like at all. He just collected stuff and didn't think about the next logical step. He did better the second time, we invented a pretty fun betting game about it.I do think there should be a thing that tells the player the buttons and actions though. Like, anytime they pause the game the button mappings come up. And the first "How long will you survive" title should have the wasd and esc button is pause.