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  1. I haven't played since beta, so most of the things I say out loud are "What the hell was THAT?!" or "Oh, come on! Seriously?" with an occasional muttered "Yeah, I love you too. I don't have any more meat for you, though."
  2. I'm a little self conscious about messing up your wiki, but I don't mind adding to this thread. I might just never have noticed these things before, but ... There's a new pause button on the screen in the lower right-hand corner. "You" are now outlined in red on the map. Tallbird eggs are much more plentiful, or maybe I just got lucky.
  3. LPer named jay012345678912 on YouTube. Less than a minute in, I hear "No instructions. No help. No handholding. Start with nothing and craft, hunt, research, farm and fight to survive. I paused the video and went to Steam and bought it.
  4. I decided to tweet my game. Or is it Twitter my game? Went to post a tweet and forgot to pause the game. I heard Wilson trumpeting about how dark it was and alt-tabbed back to the game to light my campfire. Picked up a log and couldn't find the fire in total darkness even though I WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO IT! Heard the first growl. Made a torch, heart going a mile a minute. My hands and inventory were full and I couldn't use the torch. Frantically tried to drop stuff and equip the torch, but it was too late. CHOMP. Do I get some kind of dumbass award?
  5. I'm tweeting my game. Less than a dozen days in and I already feel like I'm pushing my luck.
  6. I was more disturbed by the idea of catching a live rabbit only to kill it. Catching them in the open at least gives them a fighting chance. Of course, it's not as though I don't also set traps to catch them as Soon as they pop their heads up out of their holes. I think I'm a hypocrite. Oh, dear.
  7. I die repeatedly from my own recklessness. This last time I decided to steal a tallbird egg because I didn't see the parent around. I led him a merry chase around and around and out onto a land bridge, where he stopped following me just as night fell. I made a fire and sat out the night. Once I stoked the fire to max, and by the glow I saw the bird running, apparently ,away from me, but stuck on one of the jagged edges. When morning came, I thought, "I just have to find out if I can kill him. I just have to." But he was gone. I continued to cross the bridge to a new island, and suddenly there he came again from behind.. Took me by surprise and killed me. The time before that, I tried to see if I could catch some bees with my new bug net, but I didn't know the technique. It was bloody.
  8. Sorry I didn't see this thread Sooner or I could've taken a picture. I'm pretty sure we had monster meat for dinner tonight.
  9. This is not good news to me. I would vastly prefer to have the option to start fresh, but not be forced to.
  10. It reminds me of Stranded/Stranded II. Survival game. Predators. Immediate and ongoing need to find food water and shelter. Constant gathering of resources. Craftable structures, storage bins, weapons. Harvesting and replanting. Skills. It's a great game and I highly recommend it, if you can tear yourself away from this one. I feel disloyal to my first love in survival games, but I have to say Don't Starve is a better game in many ways. On the other hand, Stranded II does have a story mode, a sandbox mode, and a map editor.
  11. I found it through watching a(n) LPer called jay012345678912. One minute into the video and I knew I had to have it. He hadn't even started playing yet! He was still at the loading screen just talking about it.
  12. I was sure there'd be a half dozen threads on this topic, but I figured if I couldn't find one after 7 pages, it didn't exist and/or was fair game for revival. As with most games, after the novelty of running my character all over the world saying "wow" and "cool" ... in other words, once the novelty has begun to wear off ... it's the little things that utterly charm me. Have you noticed how melodious the beefalo snores are? I almost heard "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" a minute ago. They're a little flat, but they try. The bunny that fell asleep in the glow of my campfire. I don't know why; I didn't dig up his hole. Maybe he got lost. He was sleeping all curled up the way my kitty does, and I could see his little chest rising and falling. I couldn't bear to eat him. Wilson's beard.
  13. Was this what just killed me? Day had finally dawned and I was just getting ready to cook the rabbit I'd trapped overnight, and set out for the day, when a couple of hairballs with teeth attacked me. I thought I'd be safe in the day as long as I minded my own business and didn't poke any monsters with a stick. Guess I assumed too much. Oh, well. Only been playing a couple of hours. I'll learn. But I'd like to know how to defend myself against those things in the future.