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  1. Don't Starve totally reminds me of DeathSpank ...which is completely awesome because I loved DeathSpank for its humor and especially its unique graphics and art style... Don't Starve was love on first look, just like DeathSpank And yeah.. of course things like Minecraft and stuff... Don't Starve could learn a few things from Minecraft maybe. At first I would totally change the research system to make it more fun than just throw garbage in it hehe.. but I know youre working on it <3
  2. Toaster Fu, thank you! Yes, I might draw something more when I will have a boring lecture in school or something hehe Joyousterror, thank you very much, I appreciate that! And yes, I like it when the original art style is there... I just saw a Dont Starve comics by Raven Crow and the drawings were totally amazing BUT he changed the character style into ...im not sure what it is... the Asian style with large eyes and stuff and I dont like that.. but thats me, personal thing
  3. Hello! So.. I was telling my girlfriend about Dont Starve and I wanted to show her Wilson.. But I thought it would be too easy and silly to copy and paste a picture link hmm. So I drew him for her hehe... nothing special..
  4. My Steam Cloud is enabled... Anyway, I think if it would not be enabled, I would have the same problems with Dont Starve everytime.. but I dont. Its random (or I havent figured out any system in it yet), sometimes it works normally, sometimes it doesnt work as it should. Hmm...
  5. Hello! So I've bought Dont Starve just yesterday.. Im really impressed but I've had a few problems already so far. At first, I bought the game on Steam (I think this might matter..) The first thing is, that my progress simply disappeared several times. I played the game, turned it off and when I came back few hours laters... I pressed "Play" and there wasnt the "Continue" button, only "New game" (I was in about day 6 in the game) ... This happened to me like 3 times since yestarday. And the other thing is... some kind of a rollback or something. I played the game long enough to unlock the second character (the fire-loving lady, dont know the name). So I started a new game with her after I died with Wilson. Ive got myself some cool items for the beginning (something about day 5 ...) and then I turned the game off after the nearest save. I came back a few hours later, I pressed "Continue" and I was like.. WTF? ..there was Wilson standing in front of me, with completely different items, different day, on a completely different place... Well I told myself.. whatever I will continue playing and start a new game with the lady later. So Ive played some time and died. The XP bar after I died was not comming for the third character but I was half the way to unlock the fire lady (I should really find out whats her name, damn..) ...a complete rollback of my progress :-/ hmm? Do you think this might be Steam problem? I was wondering if this could happen to me while playing via Chrome. I would like to test it.. but I found out that Steam customers wont receive the key for Chrome yet(?) (or am I wrong??) ... I find this a little tricky and bad :-/ I mean... I bought the game so does it matter if I play it on Steam or Chrome? I just want to know if the problems that I've mentioned above are only a common bugs.. or it happens on Steam only.. or it happens to me only (please, no!).. Thanks for any useful replies! Have a nice day everyone