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  1. The path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[iD]\219740\remote".
  2. Slightly confused

    Spider dens now have a complete life cycle. Lvl 3 dens/queens will migrate and turn into lvl 1 dens, like how large trees cycle to smaller trees eventually.
  3. New game from 0?

    Are you sure you're looking in the right place? The save files are not in the same place as the folder with the game binaries and game data. On my computer the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[iD]\219740 In this folder is a 'remote' folder and 'remotecache.vdf'. Delete everything in the 219740 folder. You may need to turn off steam cloud synchronization first, then launch the game, as missing files (your current save) will be downloaded by steam. Cloud sync can be turned on again after your new profile has been created.
  4. Furthest Day

    The hammer can be used to break the effigies.
  5. Lately, some of the efforts by the devs to get us out of our turtling ways have been of the stick variety, meaning the hell hounds and krampus etc. Now lets get together and try and think of some ideas that will reward us with becoming nomads, that will give us the metaphorical carrot so to speak. My idea, not a terribly original one I admit, is procedurallly generated infinite worlds, like minecraft. I actually thought this game was going to have much larger maps and was sorely disappointed when exploration meant walking around only a single digit number of islands.
  6. I am doubtful to consider this a bug. Gameplay-wise, this can be solved by running away until the bee is no longer aggro or angry, then try catching the bee again. It won't attack you and you won't attack it. Think of it this way, the bee is too hard to catch when it is simultaneously trying to kill you. 'Catching' a bee is like a one hit kill on a bee and angry bees coming at you become less of a threat. Then again, it is counter-intuitive that a net cannot be used as a net and suddenly becomes a clubbing stick.
  7. Trapped a Crow!

    Traps can be baited with seeds to catch birds, just like bird traps. Birds will sometimes fly into unbaited traps. This is an intentional decision by the developers. So if the trap is not near a bunny hole, then the trapped animal is certainly a bird. I used to think bird traps were redundant, but they can actually be a better choice for trapping birds as the bird traps use silk instead of grass; grass is needed for so many other important uses and silk is not as important. I don't use any bird traps right now though because they are buggy and unusable at the moment.
  8. I would like to suggest some playing styles for others to use to spice up their game. This post builds on previous posts by other people. In the game you can play with some restrictions or goals according to themes, or jobs if you will. Jobs can be mixed and matched to your taste. For these food themed jobs, monsters can be killed in self defense or for materials needed for the job, like silk for bird traps, but their meat cannot be eaten unless you are a Hunter The Gatherer Only food source are berries, carrots, and mandrakes. No replanting and farming berry bushes. Flowers too are allowed, though I do not know if they actually help with hunger or health. The Hunter Only food source is meat from monsters that you have killed by your own hands/weapons. No use of traps for birds or rabbits. The Farmer Only food source is from vegetable farms. Food supply can be supplemented with berries/carrots, but only until self sufficiency with the farms. The Beastmaster Only food source is meat from animals killed by other animals, never by your own hands. A strong relationship with pigmen and treeguards must be formed as they will be your main killers. The Trapper Only food source is morsels from trapped birds or rabbits. No killing rabbits with weapons. The Fisherman Only food source is from fishing. The Chef Only food source is food cooked with crock pots. Ingredients can be anything. Food supply can be supplemented with berries/carrots, but only until self sufficiency with the crock pots. For these goals to be achievable, they depend on the thing being finite, which may not be the case with later updates. The Miner Goal is to mine all rocks and pick up all flint lying around. The Lumberjack Goal is to cut down all trees. The Monster Hunter Goal is to kill all aggressive monsters, including spiders and spider nests, swamp monsters, werepigs, ghosts, aggroed treeguards, hounds, tallbirds, and frogs. Werepigs, hounds and treeguards might be infinite so only the ones on that appear on the map have to be killed, not the entire species killed off. The Fashion Designer Goal is to make at least one of every clothing/armor/hat. The Gardener Goal is to fill an entire island with flowers and only flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Anything else previously on the island must go go go. This job may be extended so that the goal is to create one island each for flowers, grass, tress, berry bushes, and even mandrakes get their own island. The Midas All meat, except monster meat, must be given to the pig king for gold. OOH SHINY! Gold must never be used for constructing other things. The Satellite Artist Goal is to make a picture on the map, by placing down objects with icons shown on the map e.g. traps, planted resources. The Monk As in the FF monk class. All fighting is done with bare fists. Lack of armor like wood armor or football helmet is optional. Just to be clear, I do not intend for these to be suggestions for steam achievements, just playing styles.
  9. What does this game remind you of?

    It reminds me of Harvest Moon. I used to really enjoy building up my farm, getting barns of cows and chickens, developing the entire planting the entire farm with vegetables or grass. I am right now enjoying building up my bases and changing the very landscape around me with my own hands. I realize this is the direction the developers are moving away from. I just want them to know that this kind of open ended game, that seems repetitive, can have its own charm. I hope there will always be an endless mode like there is right now so I always have the option of playing like this, as well as play it as a brutal survival game.
  10. I recorded Wilson fighting 4 spiders. It only takes 2 hits with a spear to kill each spider. Killing spiders is the fastest method by far to get food. One day and there will be enough meat for honeyed hams for a week. Each nest can stand to release 2-3 swarms in one day before they run out of spiders. Good thing the nests regenerate health each day. Used to be they didn't and the attacks to release spiders would eventually destroy the spider nest; if that nest wasn't lvl 3, then no egg drop and that's one less nest in your world permanently. That gives me an idea. I might to want to get a pet of everything non-aggressive later, at least when fences are added. My last pet beefalo was killed tragically by werepigs. Caught then dropped bees don't return to nest. Bunnies with their hole dug out can be herded. Gobblers can be herded. Treeguards and beefalo can be attacked, relocated, then calmed with pipe. And mandrakes too of course, the pet of pets. We can all have a party together with the pig village.
  11. Wow, that's pretty cool drawing. Thank you.
  12. I recorded a battle with a treeguard.
  13. I've uploaded a video showing paths that I have made connecting some of my bases. One thing to note is that one firefly is needed right next to the fire pit so that it can be clicked to be lit on fire.
  14. Attacking Hives

    One way is to get rid of all the bees first by killing them off or by catching them in nets, then attack the nest. Catching them is best since bees are needed to make the bee box. You can also forget about the bees and attack the hive while wearing a beekeepers hat which will protect you from the bees attacks.
  15. How do i kill the monster tree?

    There is not much benefit to killing the Ent, other than the challenge of doing so. He is very very slow so just walking away from it will get you out of danger. Keep in mind that if you go near him again it will try to attack as it has a memory like an elephant. However this would be an obsessive compulsive elephant who will only concentrate on one thing. It will only try to attack the last thing that attacks it (or nearby trees) so lead a friend pig to it, which will then fight the Ent, and now the Ent won't ever attack you again. It is also useful for getting rid of pigs. I mean, you cut down his friends (trees) and then you call it a monster. Damn orcs the lot of you. Why not be friends with it?