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  1. I would like the ability to "Can" food, but maybe cost a lot of materials to make. And make it only to be stored if you take it and drop it, the glass jar breaks and the food spoils.
  2. Before the big hounds update I could record just fine but now I can't even get fraps to display the FPS or take screens. Has it been patched to not allow fraps or am I doing something wrong? I am playing steam version if that helps.
  3. same here, old world. I am not ready to die and give up my fortress even though I get attacked by 12 hounds every 7 days.
  4. Is this normal? I just watched a Tier 1 nest stand up and basically split off from the other one and a queen came out and is right next to my camp. I am going to catch that hoe on fire!! lol
  5. So I have to kill more and more each time to get him to spawn or he is just quite at first no matter what? Last time I killed all 8 of my pigs and a bird to get him to spawn I don't remember doing that the first time. And this last time, I killed 6 and didn't hear a sound, does his naughty worth increase everytime he spawns?
  6. I have had him spawn twice now by killing pigs and birds, I got the confirmation hissing sound but now when I kill things I don't hear anything. Does he only spawn ever so often, is there a certain amount of days I have to wait? I have a chest full of redbirds and crows and pigs surrounding my camp ready and waiting lol.
  7. I figured as much, I journeyed out by myself got my bird wedged in between trees and came back like a day later, heard him rustling his little wings and then it just "poofed" and I looked around and a morsel was laying on the ground. Also I randomly hear an evil laugh at night, is that normal? lol Is that Krampus? He has not shown up on my game yet.
  8. I returned to my camp and the bird just popped and turned into a morsel??!! What the heck?
  9. Also just found out I have 0 tallbirds on my world!! I gave up my fortress before the tree separating fix, and decided to start a new world and just finished discovering it and not a single tall bird! This world map is messed up!!
  10. Seriously what the heck? before all the new updates I received at least 2 from everyone I killed! Do I have to obtain them a different way now? put them to sleep?
  11. I noticed this too, but I thought it was just my crappy internet loading the video. Nice find! I see that you have found other pieces as well! Great job, but I am feeling that now Spider eggs are going to end up like Tree guards now, Randomly being a queen who will get up out of the ground and chase you.