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  1. I was actually going to post a separate thread about this, but I might as well post it here in less words: Seeds are too common. I have too many seeds, and if I don't use seeds to bait traps or for farms, I can eat the seeds. Food for ages. It needs to be nerfed.
  2. That is probably one of the most straightforward posts Kevin has ever given us. He finally decided not to confuse us. Well, not counting the roadmap.
  3. If you have the logsuit equipped, the tentacles won't be able to kill you too easily
  4. I'm on day 65 or something and I haven't seen a werepig, a treeguard, or a Krampus. I don't know why, it just seems like my world isn't very active. I'm trying to spawn Krampus, but I can't. I have 3 stacks of meat from killing tallbirds, but I guess that's getting off topic. I normally don't have extra wood because I'm lazy, and I replant every tree and I haven't seen the treeguard. I think it's a little bit of strategy and a little bit of luck.
  5. I haven't considered using fireflies . . .
  6. They're especially useful if you have a flock of doom . . .
  7. I've been pretty cautious and only a couple of morsels have flown off
  8. Well the beginning of the game is about done being worked on. And I think everyone could agree that day 1-10 is pretty awesome. So now they are working on mid-game and in the upcoming updates, the game will get a lot harder as time goes by. Just be patient and it will come.
  9. From what I read, I don't think there is multiplayer in our future . . . at all.
  10. I just want smallbirds to grow. Kevin hinted at it in a post but I doubt it will be this update. But i really would enjoy a tallbird flock of doom. May be a little overpowered though . . .
  11. I'm on day 60 and I kill tallbirds like every other day but I can't seem to spawn a Krampus. I've never seen one but I want to. I have 8 sleep darts prepared . . .
  12. There . . . Is . . . No . . . Multiplayer . . . Future. Okay? It has been addressed many times by Kevin.