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[Campaign Ended] Chester Plush Kickstarter - Funded!


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Thanks to everybody who supported our Kickstarter campaign. Those who participated will be receiving more info on the next steps very soon!



[update] Get a forum badge! 


As the kickstarter campaign is now over, new badges are no longer being granted. 


Hey guys,


Made something for you. For those of you who want to share your love for Chester and help us out a bit with the KickStarter, you can get a nice little forum badge.  


Check it out! 





[uPDATE] Chester Plush Kickstarter - LIVE!


We're Live! Wait, we're Funded?! To say we're humbled by the response of the Chester KickStarter is a massive understatement. We really can't put in to words the amazing support our friends and fans have shown through this project. So, here's a gif of Wilson clicking his heels. This is probably the happiest Wilson has ever looked.


Our minds have quite literally been blown, as our first update is to not only let you all know the project was successfully funded in the first hour and a half, but we've already hit our first stretch goal - Shadow Chester will be added to Don't Starve.

Check out the Kickstarter for information about Shadow Chester and our next goal!




[uPDATE] Chester Plush Kickstarter - LIVE!


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Holy crap....I love it, though I do agree that its fur could be a bit more orangey-colored.

Edit: Eh, after looking at him closely again in-game, I'd say his fur is much more brownish than orangish. Still, maybe the fur on the plush could be a bit darker?? And where are its teeth? But otherwise it looks perfect. Carry on. =p

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*throws wallet at Klei*

Where's the rest? I want it all.

Awesome design. Now I will have my very own chester. Only problem now is, I have to make some room on me to keep the eye bone with me at all times. I obviously don't want chester to go missing.

P.S does chester make any "boing" noises. Or will I have to mod it to do so?

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