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  1. My DS secret santa gift for someone on tumblr! She asked for Willow.
  2. Thank you very much and go ahead! It's something I thought about a lot as a kid that I felt would fit in the general aesthetic of the game, I'd be happy to see it carried on. :>
  3. Saw these float by on tumblr and twitter! Love em!
  4. Yeah it seemed to have widely flown under the radar. S&S 2 just came out on Steam though so I'll be giving that one another go some time! The Aztecs don't make a return sadly but there's some other really great character designs in there as well. :> I've toyed with the idea of a necromancer character mod too! I wanted to give him the ability to reanimate the random skeletons you find scattered across the world. All of that was way too ambitious for me to execute though. To anyone else wondering what is going on here I'll post more DS stuff soon I Swear
  5. okay WOAH I have NEVER had anyone recognize him before!! All the kudos to you!!! For real that is. incredible I was really in love with the character especially around when I made this forum account about 5 years ago so I drew myself this icon at the time. It's the only thing from that period that aged well lol. The fact you're familiar with him does my heart really good. :')
  6. Stellar creature design!! Really want this in-game now.
  7. How well do you think the game visualizes hay fever? I don't suffer from it myself but I had some weird vicarious fits while playing, making my nose itch and eyes water irl just from looking at the growing filter. Now I'm wondering if it's just that accurate or I'm just a weirdo.
  8. Might have to rename the thread title if I ever wanna post anything else lol
  9. Adding on to this, prototyping a decoration within the player owned house without placing it enables it to be placed in other rooms as the prototypes do actually stay accessible in the mostly blank interface.
  10. Yeah, they tried to tweak his sanity gain but supposedly used a wrong command in the code which causes the crash.
  11. While standing near an alchemy engine (haven't tested other crafting stations) inside your house, the renovations sub menus go blank and become unusable. Moving away from the station and reopening the tab makes the options available again. When leaving the house, the renovations tab remains present but again without any actual selectable options.
  12. I can't be the first one to notice but it's possible to place stuff like campfires outside of the boundaries of the tomb rooms and still interact with them. The placement indicator for building things seems to always be green when hovering over "nothingness" but this is one instance in which you can actually reach the chosen spot.
  13. That's incredible!! I'm really digging the smoke effects, they flow so nicely! How did you get into animation?