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  1. Oh boy. I'm so stoked for this DST update, but, I wonder what that means for my Charlie mod... ;;;

    1. ColorByNumbers


      The art and sound on your Charlie mod is great. I'm still getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. If Klei has plans for an official playable Charlie, they'd be smart to enlist your help.

      Any plans to update the dialogue on your mod? There's been a lot of added stuff since you last updated.

    2. AmaLee


      Oh yeah! I actually finished updating her DST dialog last night. SW is next, after I finish updating her sprites for clothing compatibility in DST. I've just been super disheartened by her; there's so much stuff I'd love to get done for her, but I simply just don't have the ability or help to get it done.

  2. Oh wow you are still alive!

    1. AmaLee


      Yup, I live @w@;; How's it goin'?

    2. Mobbstar


      On four legs :p

      (Translation: "Well enough to make jokes.")

    3. AmaLee


      Haha, excellent. Life's better with laughs d.w.b

  3. (WIP) Human Charlie Mod

    Ah, hello! Um. I'm sorry for reviving a dead thread. You guys may already know it, but I was inspired by this thread to start my own charlie mod! I've been pretty much working on my own with her. While she's playable, I think if anyone who still wants to see her happen were to join me, we could make her a lot better! I'm not trying to "outshine" this mod or anything by any means, I just want to see if there's still interest in this team. If you'd like to help out or talk with me, I'd love to hear back! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  4. Oh dear. Is the game giving you a hard time about using her? Are you getting any specific errors? That's very odd. Would you mind sending your log file my way, or PMing me so we can try to fix this?
  5. *SCREAMING* Updating a mod is auuugggghhh. Work.

    1. Auth


      *pats back calmingly*

      settle down, settle down.

    2. AmaLee


      Thanks bro OTL

  6. Just gonna leave a ruler Willow here.... And maybe somethin' sad tooooo...
  7. How about a really cute Abigail?
  8. Yes, I do take requests! I just ask for patience what with school and all.
  9. Ah, thank you!! I should be a lot more active on here again now that AP stuff is calming down at school. Welcome to the fandom!
  10. Do you still want something incredibly cute even though your contest is undoubtedly over? Thank you~!! (I love ghosts too <3)
  11. OhmygodI'msosorry ;;; Everything got lost in my notifications OTL But I managed to make it! Hahaha this is only a quarter of its original size, this isn't even its final form OTL ;; Enjoy~!
  12. I'm thinking it's just the filmgrain on this one .n.
  13. Out of curiosity, has anybody been highlighting comments for Maxwell talk? (I've forgotten what it's called, sorry OTL)
  14. Thank you .w. Yeah, right now this is more of a place to start than a finished project. I'm expecting to make some more changes to her to separate her from the rest.
  15. adgkalj the mod was stolen my face is warm and Abby still has holly berries.