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  1. Like Neosaurus (Lead coder of this), on 15 Sept 2013 - 2:43 PM, said: "Theres plenty of artists that can do that I'm happy to say" We are just throwing some ideas, so I dont understand why are you so negative about other people ideas.
  2. I remember a mod of zombie pigs, recolored mad green pigs. That was a cool attempt to put some undeads in-game.
  3. So if you want new creatures for the island can put some in the Graveyard, find some creepy undeads in graveyard mist should be cool.
  4. I dont know, im just throwing an idea... Like someone say before, how about a underwater world who has entrance by some especial pond (can use the fishing ponds with some recolor or something) and similar entrance animation like caves, in order to you dont die in this world you need to craft an underwater helmet with lights like the old heavily ones so you walk in this world instead of swimming because the helmet weight and can use the light mechanics to stay in this world, so you need refuel your helmet to have light. Can be Merms in this world and reskinned tons of already items like coral for stone etc, so dont need to create "new" mechanics only use the existing ones, should be cool to have an "chester" fish following you (obviously you cant get him out of the water world or he dies). I dont know, this water world makes me have tons of ideas.
  5. Same for me, as I know seeds, flowers and meat rot... I have installed Infinite Tools, Infinite Clothes, PickyPickyPicky and Backpackamulet Mods