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  1. Hamlet is a very enjoyable dlc for me so far, and I love the design and aesthetic. What we have so far in early access is very well made, I think. I haven't fully explored what there is to offer yet but overall I'm a big fan. There are some things I believe should be changed, though: Vampire bats. They should have some kind of nerf or at least have some additional method of dealing with them added. The first few attacks are easy enough, because there are so few of them. But at a certain point it felt like there was a huge jump in the number of bats, and the fact that they all come at the same time makes it vastly more difficult. Hounds are much more manageable because they trickle in and don't have the circling ai of bats. Bats are harder to kite and will make it almost impossible to escape when there are enough because they get in front of you. If you run into pig city, that'll eventually solve your problem, but you don't benefit from the spoils of the bats because the pigs eat the skin. I'm not one to complain about a hard game being hard, (I love the bumped up difficulty in Hamlet,) but this just feels illegitimate. Hay fever. This one I'm not actually 100% sure about-- maybe I'm just not good enough to acquire a counter to it fast enough. It's definitely possible to stock up on seed pods or nettle vines/build a fan before lush season comes, but God, hay fever drives me insane. It effected my real sanity more than my ingame sanity. Fighting shadow creatures is easy and randomly dropping your stuff isn't that bad, but when you're fighting or running from something, freezing and dropping important things is one of the worst things that can possibly happen. And you can't run from hay fever. If at LEAST it didn't happen in certain biomes or in dungeons/caves, that would be fine. Pogs. They're useless and only exist to be a pest. All they drop is a morsel and they suck in combat when you befriend them. They rummage through your stuff and follow you around, stealing food you want to pick up. Yeah, cork barrels exist, but it'd be great if they could do something else besides bother you. Hippopotamoose seem kind of lacking, too. They don't drop anything besides meat and don't have any breeding mechanics, but I'm sure that's something Klei will add on later. I'd like to see more with the Iron Hulks as well. Besides just wanting to see more content in general to diversify and complete Hamlet and make it stand out more, that's about it. there are probably other things that Klei has in store that will improve things I didn't even know needed improving, I'm excited to see what happens leading up to the release.
  2. "Pig Skin?" Is fundamentally the same exact thing as pig skin. You can use it in recipes that call for pig skin
  3. Playing Shipwrecked, I was on an armored boat with a cloth sail. I had a boat torch equipped, and turned it on. This caused the game to crash and show this message.
  4. When near spiders/spider nests, in the normal world with RoG/Hamlet turned on, sometimes my game will crash. It seems very inconsistent, because sometimes I can approach and kill spiders and spider nests. There was one nest that instantly crashed me twice in a row, and then one that I approached once and then left and came back and it crashed me after it had been on screen for a while. The reason I'm assuming it's because of spiders is because of the "SGSpider" in the crash report... I had multiple crashes with the same report, as well.
  5. I've wanted to know the source of this song for so long and you have finally satisfied me
  6. Lookin' tasty mate

  7. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/71/24/15/712415ba4a89133adbe82493a2210f76.jpg
  8. Why am I? Who is this place?

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  9. Blood Eagles Comic + Art

    hay i em liv i liek dees comiks
  10. some art :D

    Can I request a drawing of a Batman-Warg?
  11. some art :D

    I'm not dead anymore, also I like the FNAF art.