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An interesting observation while watching Multiplayer

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I was watching some friends play a Don't Starve Multiplayer mod.


(In this mod one player gets the mouse, and the other player gets the keyboard, and they share a screen)


They started playing, and everything was going their way, chopping down trees, murdering monsters with relative ease, picking flowers as they may. It was all roses.


Until... They ran out of food. They scrambled for grabbing seeds and killing pig men, digging up mushrooms, but they were never full. They started devouring monster meat in desperation. They ate flower petals.


But in the end, they starved to death. They starved to death in Don't Starve.


This isn't a post saying that Don't Starve should be multiplayer. The Devs made a choice to keep it singleplayer with reasons beyond balance. But I found it very amusing that they didn't make it to the first winter because they actually starved to death. And I saw that multiplayer could work.


So, if your looking for some fun. Grab a real life friend and check the steam workshop for a multiplayer mod. (Here is the mod. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=172291214) And try not to starve.

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They STARVED? (still laughing at the moment) I guess that multiplayer is balanced, and will have to try this out with a friend, see how well we do. *note* they do share the same screen, so that means you cannot split up and do different tasks, so you are basically both doing the same thing.

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One question:

The MP mod splits the screens or the camera just follow one player?.Because if it is like that I can easily understand how they starved.

They can get the materials in one screen in half the time. Still not justified. 

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I mean, I've been frozen, burned alive, tentacled, Charlied...but I've never starved.  Seriously!  It's not that difficult, people!


I think they named the game "Don't Starve" on purpose in order to make people subconsciously manage their hunger. Otherwise, it would just be something we'd ignore and then eventually go "oh ****" at.

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Imagine that...someone else hammering all of your crap and you can't do anything about it.


On the other hand, someone else just repetitively killing you and preventing you from building in the first place.


I'd rather survive independently than tolerate and compensate for the shortcomings of a complete moron.

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