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  1. I feel that long term challenges will be added once they start really working on the story mode. You will need to move and 'probably' need to kill bosses. And you might get moved to harder and harder islands, maybe some without berries. But this is all me saying this might happen... The game is not done yet, so if you want a challenge, just wait until the next update. (Or do what I did and wait a couple updates) Also, play Wes.
  2. An idea for a "Stink Mine" is not bad. Although, I think it should create a area in which monster cannot enter because of the smell. This could be used to escape some big bads and eat some much needed food. Placing these at choke points could be very useful. You would be able to enter the smelly area but it would be at the cost of sanity, unless you are wearing Nose-plugs. (Or possibly a gas mask)
  3. Yeah it reminds me of Fable aswell. The songs probably share some/most of the same instruments. And I too think that Fable 1 is the best...
  4. I'm 88% sure I read that the devs said that they would be adding fences in a later update.
  5. It is funny/creepy to read into other cultures' holiday lore. Especially the older ones. Somewhat on that topic.... Happy (Insert holiday) all!
  6. Maxwell Land!: The most fun place to stay until you die a horrible bloody death!
  7. The devs have commented on this weird psychological phenomenon where people hate Krampus because they feel like they are being judged. If they had made Krampus a deer-like protector of nature, people would not have this reaction. The other reason of course is that he takes your loot. All gamers ever, even in perma-death games will die before they lose that +1 stick of poking. I think Krampus should be more of a threat again. Maybe change how he spawns, or what he does/how he goes about doing it. I personally think that Krampus should be very effective with his loot grabbing. But if you killed him you could get his Krampus sack (Which is repurposed in my idea) allowing you to warp to his horde (The sack would break after a round trip.). Full of useless junk, useful rare items, the loot he stole from you, and little demons... Lots of little demons. ...Well, I typed longer then intended...
  8. The bonus to backpacks over chests being the ability to look in them seems more than a little odd. I think you should be able to look in backpacks without equiping them, and Krampus would steal an entire backpack in one swipe. Chests he would steal one item at a time and/or need to break it first. I'm 99% sure the only reason he doesn't steal backpacks at the moment is the fact that it needs to remember what was in the backpack instead of just dropping an empty one.
  9. I would send you a gift basket of kittens if Don't Starve gets steam workshop when it is officially finished.
  10. Sounds like you were attacked by the Steam Cloud monster. This beast ate Torchlight 2 progress back when TL2 launched. The safest thing to do is to turn off Steam Cloud synchronization. To do this, right click Don't Starve on your steam game list, go down to properties, click the Updates tab, and uncheck the checkbox. Sadly there is no way to recover lost deta due to this bug, but it can be prevented. Also, if you have it on, unless you are on another computer, or have made progress on another computer, click the option to upload your computer's info to the cloud.
  11. I like this idea on the grounds that it would prevent cheatie people like me from creating giant meat piles that we retreat to whenever wolves are about. A vulture eating all the meat before the hounds would make wolves a bit more scary, and less "Well, I guess I need to stand over there for a while..."
  12. I don't know... But following basic "Steam messed up again" procedures. Validate game cache. Do this by right clicking the game, scrolling down to properties, it should be under "Local files". This normally fixes the most basic problems, such as a file not downloading correctly.
  13. Wow, that is kinda funny. On the plus side, it looks like three Tallbird nests. So you can raise an evil army of Smallbirds!
  14. I'm pretty sure the devs have confirmed seasons.
  15. There has been quite a lot of talk about how to acquire metals in Don't Starve. Caves, just getting ores from rocks, etc. This idea works more in conjunction with them. We all know the art of alchemy is the attempt to turn base metals into gold. I think that (As the title suggests) you should be able to build a Reverse Alchemy Machine. A machine that turns gold into base metals. This would be not only a little amusing, but fitting, as you would need iron, more then you would need gold. The exchanges would change if/when gold becomes harder to find in later updates, but as of right now, it would be handy just to turn 1 gold into 5 flint. Seeing as you can have unlimited gold, but flint is a finite resource. Tell me what you think. This idea may not be as great as I currently think it is, but sleepy, caffeinated me thinks it is pretty cool.