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  1. Can't we just have it be world options like in singleplayer?
  2. OMG KLEI YOU ARE LITERALLY HITLER FOR DOING THIS TO ME Okay, joking aside, I am very excited for this and want to see where it goes in regards to the other mechanics. I hope they do the World VS World thing for PvP as well.
  3. I think Klei needs to add more permanent, balanced threats before they can do something like this.
  4. Players could respawn at a fire pit unless MacTusk does a certain amount of damage to them (NOT when he lands the killing blow, otherwise there could be kill-steals) As for mobs freezing, I don't think they do. Otherwise how would players find things like huge piles of rot and tentacle spikes in swamps? I see what you mean about players having strong bases from the start. However. There is no way, NO way, that any player, let alone a Wilson player, would be able to get massive walls and traps and "A range of weapons" for defense, or Wickerbottom to get the proper machines and tools for all the books. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, we've got Wes and Willow who seem to be massive pushovers. Yeah, I know Wes is supposed to be weak, but c'mon, he's already got his stats dumbing him down, he doesn't need the inability to make a base. This would also make him really annoying to find, along with Woodie who can't craft anything if he's always in Werebeaver form. But as for his form, I think it would be interesting for his AI to seek out and chop trees during combat to turn into a beaver. Really, all of the camps should be somewhere around Wolfgang's camp in terms of strength. The only reason that the players don't play together is because there are no other players to play with. And if it's a matter of taste when it comes to them teaming up, it could always be an option in the world menu. Also, this gave me an idea for a new character, the Hunterbeast. Basically, it's a character that starts out very tiny, but as he kills monsters, he gets upgrades based on their powers. It would also have an overhauled crafting system, with new "Buildings", and more types of "Sapient Hunchback" creatures to gain intelligence-based powers off of. I will have to make a new thread for it, though.
  5. That'd require simulating a lot of things to not make it unbalanced, which would probably require just as much code if not more.
  6. Well, not doing it like I said just leaves it kinda lifeless.
  7. I don't see why all the bases can start out weak and get stronger, just like in the real game. Also not to mention, what if you spawned close to a really strong base? I like the idea of having to feed a band of guys. After all, they can get food themselves, as they all have an attack. Maybe the hounds could eat monster meat and rotted food with no penalty. And really, with that many characters, they're bound to end up finding each other some day while gathering resources, even if you spread them all out. So it would just be weird for them to never interact. And really, the fact that there's other players at all gets rid of the "singleplayer" thing.
  8. This sounds like something an entirely new DLC would revolve around. Maybe an entirely new spinoff game. Seriously, I'm not sure how much of this the current engine can hold. Nevertheless, I support. Although there are a few things I don't agree with: -If sanity is supposed to be a problem for MacTusk, why in the hell does he have an infinite Tam? -Instead, he starts out with a Hound Pup, an item that works like the Divining Rod, but instead of beeping, it growls, and instead of pointing towards the Things, it points towards the characters. The Hound Pup can't die from starvation, however, if you don't feed it a huge amount of meat, it goes to sleep and refuses to point towards other characters. -Entering the Walrus Camp seems to have no purpose whatsoever. I would think that it restores sanity, but only a little bit, and you sleep for multiple days, so you waste valuable time. Also camps should be craftable. Only Shift-clicking on the camp would make you sleep, normally clicking opens a special 2x2 chest where food rots slightly slower. -Some kind of new hallucination should attack MacTusk. -The whole "Body Bag" thing is kinda gruesome, as is the taxidermy thing. I would instead suggest that, as loot from the character, they drop 50% of their normal items and a Skull (Yay a use for all the skull spirtes). Instead of taxidermy, you craft a skull-on-a-stick, which you must use on the Walrus Camp, and it will be proudly displayed on top of the camp. Also, instead of gaining sanity when near them, the sanity should be given a one-time increase by 150. Sanity points that are wasted (i.e if you have 150/200 sanity and you get this bonus, you would waste 100 sanity) end up going over the cap. -Time doesn't instantly skip when Winter ends. Instead, it continues to the next one, but you start slowly taking health and sanity damage when outside of Winter. Now, sleeping in the camp once will skip to the next Winter and give you back some of the health you lost. And now some suggestions, rated from least crazy to most crazy.Things that I wasn't sure about are in red. -The opening cutscene, instead of Maxwell showing up, depicts Wes walking onto the screen, only to get instantly ripped apart by the Hound Pup. This hints to new players that they're supposed to kill all the characters, and also that the Hound Pup will help them out. -The player should have to feed the Wee MacTusk, but you can also equip him with weapons and armor to help you hunt or gather things. -The characters's bases should advance. That is, every few days, a new addition spawns in their camp, based on things near their base. For example, if it's near gold, stone, and wood, a few days later, the game deletes one of the gold-bearing rocks, one of a random nearby rock, a few trees, and then spawns 1 Science Machine in the base (Assuming they don't have one already). This is done as seasons pass too. -Instead of infinite blow darts, MacTusk can craft a much cheaper but weaker version of the blow dart with 1 reeds, 4 Stone, and 2 Snowbird Feathers. He starts out with a few of these in his inventory, to kill birds and get the ball rolling. -MacTusk should be immune to cold unless his hunger is below a certain point. -MacTusk's examine quotes show him to be a master craftsman, so that the below events make sense. -Because escaping the island is no longer the goal, the Teleportato is no longer usable. Instead, the player must protect them from the characters, and if you have RoG, Things are now used to create some items that help you survive, but now they are guarded by boss monsters and only drop from those bosses. -The Ring Thing is used to create a Portal Thing, with 6 Cut Stone and 6 Gold. It teleports you back to the nearest Walrus Camp, and if you're near a Walrus Camp it teleports you back to where you were before you teleported. The ring of flowers surrounding it form together to create a big ghost monster thing. Tooltip: "Whee!" -The Crank Thing is used to create an Arm Thing with 30 Stone and 2 Volt Goat Horns. It is like a big metal arm that is always attached to MacTusk. The metal isn't very cold, but it is cold enough to allow the player to survive in the slightly warmer Autumn. The arm also lets MacTusk do slightly more melee damage. The pig guarding the Crank Thing is now a War Pig, a powerful boss monster with an explosive nitre cannon. MacTusk can only survive a limited amount of time in Autumn, like without the Arm Thing, but it is greatly extended, and allows MacTusk to do little explorations if he's running low on resources or wants to harass nearby characters. -The Box Thing is used to create a Warp Thing, which, when worn on MacTusk's head, deflects most wetness from his body, allowing him to travel in Spring for a limited amount of time. It is guarded by a Giant Gnome. -The Metal Potato Thing is used to create a Cold Thing with 1 Red Gem and 6 Thulecite. This is a cold suit worn on MacTusk's torso that lets him survive in the Summer for a limited amount of time. The Metal Potato itself floats around shooting electric bolts at you (Like the Bishop Thing) -Phew, glad that's over with. Anyway, some characters will work together, and others will try to kill the others and take the loot. Some characters will never want to work together. Wilson, Wickerbottom, Wolfgang, Webber, and Willow will work together if they find each other. The secret character, Woodie, and Wendy will not work with other players. WX and Wigfrid will, upon finding a player who is weaker than them, kill them and take all their loot. -After 150 days, all remaining characters will make a mad dash for the Teleportato, even if they don't have all the Things. 3 days before they assault the Teleportato, you will hear a horn on each day before they begin, giving you enough time to get into position and kill them. At the end of this attack, you will be graded based on how many points of damage you did to characters, minus all the damage that they healed (So you can't farm points off of them). The amount of chess pieces near the Teleportato is jacked up, so that they have a chance of stopping the characters. They are not on your side, but they will prioritize nearby characters before you. WX and Wigfrid will just try to escape instead of killing other players. Yeah, sorry for the info dump, but I've just loved the concept of having playable bad guys for a while now, and I had to let it all out. Hope you don't mind.
  9. I think it would be interesting if a fire elemental of some kind could spawn from wildfires. Maybe they can drop magical ash for a sanity restoring version of the Healing Salve.
  10. Why not a "pet animal" feature for everything? It wouldn't be hard to animate, they could reuse the "Pick Up" animation, but have the player stay crouched down and have their hand move.
  11. So World Generation ISN'T a legit way provided by the developers? How so?
  12. I kinda want there to be a magic carpet, and then have it be like the Magic Carpet games.
  13. I never said to remove the patterns, I said to make them less predictable a la Depths Worms and Tentacles.
  14. I think that most enemies need to have less predictable attack patterns. Tallbirds currently hold the world record for most intimidating enemy turned into least intimidating enemy in the fastest time. Seriously, once you figure out kiting, the only way to actually get hit by one of those things is if you get distracted by a big rat running into your room or something. Tentacles and Depths Worms are the perfect example of how enemies should be: Manageable, but very costly to get rid of. So my point is, kiting is fixable if you just make the enemies harder to kite.