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Poll For Everyone's Favorite Weapon

Poll For Everyone's Favorite Weapon  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite weapon in DST? (This is not all weapons just some of the most common ones)

    • Spear
    • Tentacle Spike
    • Hambat
    • Dark Sword
    • Glass Cutter
    • Pick/Axe
    • Thulecite Club
    • Shield Of Terror
    • BatBat
    • Morning Star
    • Tail O' Three Cats
    • Bull Kelp
    • Electric Darts
    • Blow Darts
    • Boomerang
    • Weather Pain

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I was curious what everyone's favorite weapon here was and why if you'd like to say. I will list some of the most well commonly used weapons.

My favorite is Tentacle Spike because when available it meets the 50 damage threshhold, and does not drain sanity. I especially like it in singleplayer. It is not the most useful in any way but nonetheless it is a fun weapon to have.

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3 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

also i love batbat design and concept. Playing wormwood is a bigger pleasure for having the incentive of using it but i also use it with most characters if i found one in the pandora chests to fight AG 

When I was 7 or so, I used to always want two things: BatBat and Belt Of Hunger. For some reason I thought they were the two highest tier items there were. I knew ruins existed (and could not get to them) but for some reason I still thought BatBat was the highest tier item. I don't remember if I ever ended up getting it but I always wanted it. It definitely is a very cool weapon.

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2 minutes ago, POOH_LY said:

Dark Sword because it looks the coolest even without the skin.

i really like that it looks like a scimitar. Might be a coincidence but scimitars were used by arabic people back in the day which could mean that klei choose that kind of sword as reference of abdul alhazred, the mad arab, writer of the necronomicon in the Lovecraft tales

I wont be surprised since the whole insanity update and the lore behind it was based on them

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I don't think I have a favorite weapon, they are all circumstancial, and i'll switch between them as time goes on.

Generally on pubs where I play wanda it's as straight forwards as axe -> hambat -> alarming clock
But on my own worlds where I usually play other characters it really depends on what i'm doing and for how long I have played.
I usually stock on weapons during different times of the game. Early in the game I craft and use hambats, during winter / spring I load up on glass cutters from my trip to lunar island (I use all the glass on cutters lol). After all of those are gone I usually switch to walter, clear the swamp and stock up on tentacle spikes. And by the time tentacle spikes are gone it's likely that I have a shadow piece farm set up, and I get more dark swords than i know what to do with.

In terms of crafting them, Dark swords are probably the ones i craft the least and hambats the most. My only nitpick with hambats (which in reality is really a plus) is that I don't have to calculate how many weapons i'll need for a fight. Idk why but I find it fun, doing those kind of maths for calculating how many weapons I need to deal with X bosses' HP and such...

EDIT: People here talking about design, Lucy is the best weapon in that case, change my mind. Justice for Lucy she deserves skins!... and perhaps even new lines

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My favorite weapon is unlimited "dark sword damage": Ornery beefalo war saddled

I voted glass cutter. Since I kill CC often its cheap, good damage and doesnt lower your sanity so its good with the enlightened crown.

Morning star is also in my top.

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I like Shield Of Terror, it is my favorite, I just wish it had a bit more durability since it uses durability  both when taking damage and when attacking.
My second favorite is hambat: Cheap, interesting damage related to freshness mechanic and a lot of total damage possible from a single item craft. It also looks funny.

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2 hours ago, Third Porkus said:

I am surprised no one has voted thulecite club, it was my second choice

I haven't fought FW much (mainly because it's a bit of a mess split screen on PS4) so I've always hoarded thulecite like it's the cure for cancer. Recently though I've started keeping one on me and I love it. I generally avoid a fight so it lasts me quite a while, and I stick with Hambats and heals for most bosses. I guess avoiding it for so long gave it a certain mystique in my mind, and finally breaking down and running with it has been a lot of fun.

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