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  1. Happens to one of my friends too.
  2. Mom: Why don't you go play with the neighbor's kids? The neighbor's kids:
  3. Please make it so that we can change skins for starting items.
  4. Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a phonograph?
  5. Merms don't become aggressive to some mobs such as hounds and spiders even though they are invading their territory. However, they will attack some mobs such as bunnymen immediately if they are on merms territory.
  6. the water cooling if disabled, when quit and load the game back, it appears as it contains no water.
  7. Btw, wouldn't it be nice if Wormwood gets sanity from being wet instead of losing it since he is a "plant."
  8. Warbucks may not be the best character, but having him around is still quite nice. I hope he will be back better or worse.
  9. This happened to me too. A palace near my base remained empty for a long time that I have to rebuild it.
  10. In Shipwrecked compatible with Hamlet, FX sounds such as Croccodogs warning sound or crafting sound sometimes seem pretty laggy.