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  1. I thnik I make everyone confused, so sorry I am not a native speaker. Let me try again. 1. I reduce the cost needed to summon shadow minions. 2. I add a new type of shadow minion. He has one shadow minion that doesn't cost anything to summon(Just like Abigail). It spawns with Maxwell when he enters the game. If it dies, it respawns automatically within X days. However, it's generalist menaing that it's not actually good at anything, but it's free. 3.He can only summon three shadow minions.(In addition to the one that he already has.) The only thing that it effects is that he can no longer summon 4 workers. (But I think three is enough?) 4. I buff Shadow Duelists 5. I add a new type of shadow minion. 6.I buff Shadow Duelists by reducing the cost of max sanity. 7. He can still summon the shadow workers. So far, my idea is to buff Maxwell. Therefore, Maxwell can do what he can in DST. The only think that I think is a nerf is that he can only summon 3 shadow workers at the maximum.
  2. Maybe I forgot to mention, but he still has everything that he has in DST including the shadow workers. He just has one extra free shadow minion that will also help him fight, chop, or mine as well.
  3. He still has the workers minions, but summoning them only cost nightmare fuel.
  4. Last time, my idea was... pretty bad lol , and I agreed. But hey, I just do this becuase I think it's fun. So, don't take things so seriously. -Maxwell's shadow minions no longer cost tools to summon. -Maxwell naturally has one shadow that will aid him generally. The shadow is similar to combination of DS and DST version. It has 75 hp, regen 15 hp every 2 seconds, "kite" enemies. However, it will also mimic Maxwell's actions; It helps chopping and mining, but with the same manner that shadow minions in DS do. In other word, it chops when Maxwell does and mine rocks when Maxwell does so. It also helps fighting with the same manner the Shadow Duelists do in DST. If it dies, it will respawn within X days. (The idea behind this is from Maxwell's vignette and steam card where he stands alongside with his shadow.) To clarify, he gets one shadow minion for free in addtion to 3 shadow minions. -Maxwell can only summon three addtional shadow minions regardless of their roles. (So, he can have, in total, 4 shadow minions at the same time. ) -Shadow Duelists have X% of damage resistance(probably around 30% or less), regen X amount of HP every two seconds, "kite" enemies just like they do in DST. -Maxwell can summon new type of minions that cast meteor. (Basically, it's just like the ones in Klei mod that has Shadow Maxwells casting meteor.) They deal, maybe?, 30 AOE damage every two seconds( but it needs some time to cast the meteor as well), has 75 hp, regen X amount of hp every two seconds, has no damage resistance, will flee if enemies get too close. -Shadow Duelists only cost 25% of maximum sanity. (So now, he can summon 3 of them) -Shadow Mage? Caster? Whatever? cost 30%(or 35% if they are too strong) of maximum sanity. (So summoning three of them would mean that Maxwell will always be insane.) *In case someone is still confused, Maxwell can still summon Shadow Miner, Shadow Digger, and Shadow Logger.*
  5. I feel sory for you, man. What I usually do is backing up my files every time after I finish playing. So, if anythng goes wrong, atleast I don't have to start all over.
  6. Wendy Rework

    She isn't afraid of the dark but can die in the darkness because it's Charlie who kills her in the dark actually. Also, not being afraid of something doesn't mean that it can't kill you.
  7. Some of the servers I play are less than 50 ping. Also, I don't use many mods: the mods I use are Combined Status and Geomatric Placement. So, it seems like the problem actually exists. Thank you for replying anyway.
  8. Well, I am not a native speaker, so I don't even know if what I am experiencing can be called "lag". But let call it that way for now. Recently, I argued with someone on the internet about a lag problem in DST. Basically, I said that DST usually has a lag problem for the people who join others' servers, and he said that I was totally wrong. I explained to him that when I said "lag", I meant a slight delay between actions which can be clearly noticed when you turn Lag Compensation option off. However, with Lag Compensation, You probably won't notice any lag unless you fight some mobs. When you hit a mob and run away, you still get hit even though you are, for sure, far enough and should not get hit. He didn't listen and called me out on his vedio where he hosted his own server, didn't get any lag problem, and said that I was wrong. So, Do you usually have a lag problem when join others' server? Like I said, when you fight a mob, you still get hit even though ou shouldn't. When you pick a grass tuft, it takes a little bit longer. Or is it just me? Though I am pretty sure that I can play any other online games without this problem. Note that I am not here to complain about lag problem, I just want to know if it exists.
  9. Don't get me wrong. In my opinio, Maxwell is already a really good character. I jsut think that a few quality of life improvements would make him even better.
  10. Thank you for all the replies! You guys are right. Puppets without sub classes require you to carry all kinds of tools which is inconvinient. But the main problem with the puppets is that Shadow Duelists are way too fragile. What do you think about Shadow Duelists having 200 hp? Is that ridiculously too much? If so, how about 150? After all I just want to have Shadow Duelists haning around with me at all time without worrying that they will die every day or two. Ps. I forgot that Shadow Duelists normally regen 15 hp every 2 seconds. So are they fine as hey are right now?
  11. I personally really like the concept of this character. he and his ability seem pretty cool. However, when I play as this character, I feel like his ability isn't represented the best. The shadow duelists are too weak to be practical and the shadow workers sometimes chop down trees or mine rocks that you don't want them to. So, here is my ideas. Let there be 3 shadow puppets like in DS.(no sub classes) Each have 200 hp(Maxwell's max sanity number) and regen 1 hp per second just like Abigail. Shadow puppets do work based on the tools you(Maxwell) equip(s). For example, if you are holding an axe, shadow puppets will start to chop all the trees in range. If you are holding a pickaxe, they will start mining rocks. If you are holding a shovel, they will dig stumps, graves, etc. Other than that, they will act as a shadow duelists who won't engage in a battle unless you hit something or are hit by something. Moreover, If they do battle, they will kite enemies. (just like the way they do in DST) This way you kinda can order them what to do instead of having them mindlessly destroying everything. If you think this is too op, my further ideas for the nerf are: Reduce their damage. Maybe make each puppet deal only 20-30 damage, so if you want to maximize the dps you have to have 3 of them. Increase the cost of summoning the puppets. Maybe 4-5 nightmare fuel and 20 hp. Is this too much, or still too cheap? I don't know. Other than these changes, I think he is fine as he is right now. His low hp makes the player be more careful about combat, and his +6.75/min sanity makes it easier to manage his sanity. (unlike in DS where he gains too much and too fast anity making it almost impossible to farm nightmare fuel) If you guys have any ideas, feel free to share them here. Ps. I am not a native speaker. Just to let you know if my English sounds ridiculous.
  12. the water cooling if disabled, when quit and load the game back, it appears as it contains no water.
  13. Yeahhh, thank you!!!
  14. [Game Update] - 307715

    His horns look like Acientfuelweaver's.