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Wickerbottom Refresh Beta Open!

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  • Developer

You can learn how to opt into the beta branch here.

New Content

  • Wickerbottom can no longer be forced to fall asleep
  • Wickerbottom can now craft the following new books:
    • The Angler's Survival Guide
    • Pyrokinetics Explained
    • Overcoming Arachnophobia
    • Tempering Temperatures
    • Lux Aeterna
    • Practical Rain Rituals
    • Lunar Grimoire
    • Apicultural Notes
    • Horticulture, Expanded
    • The Everything Encyclopedia
    • Lux Aeterna Redux
  • Wickerbottom can also build a cabinet to help conserve her books
  • Tuned Wickerbottom’s stats when it comes to eating stale and spoiled food and her health


  • Wortox will now be able to Soul Hop a second time for free if done within a short time of the last.
  • Wortox will get slightly more hunger from eating souls.
  • Wortox will gain a small amount of sanity for being healed by a soul.
  • Wortox will be able to Soul Hop to past explored locations through the Map.
    • The cost of souls is proportional to the distance travelled.
  • Winona will no longer feel hunger drains when standing still after crafting something.
    • This is intended to stop punishing players who spend time navigating through the crafting menu.
  • Walter will no longer be knocked off of Woby if the damage taken is light.
    • Too many light hits received in a short period of time will knock Walter off of Woby.
  • Walter will no longer draw the attention of nearby monsters when attacking with Poop Pellets.
  • Klaus will now step over the Loot Stash.
  • Cave Holes now have a better collision mesh to support players teleporting into the region without causing camera issues.
    • Controller support is pending to make teleporting to this easier and some fixups are in the works to fix some issues with this.
  • The Lazy Explorer now does Walking Cane damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to Gingerbread Pig Houses and them being created from mods.
  • Fixed a bug allowing creatures to move off of boats if they are unloaded in a specific order.

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8 minutes ago, HugoM said:

Wortox will be able to Soul Hop to past explored locations through the Map.


Some forumites said such things couldn't be done but look at us now.

Hopefully soon we can get make selectable map markers that say something or get a lazy deserter buff where we can teleport to it using the map.

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i wonder what is consider "light" damage for walter, and if armor has any effect of that
as well as how much sanity wortox could reliably get, and how reliable could it be for him to just fight bees none stop just to gain sanity and hunger

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So... wait, all Wicker got was more books?

The problem with Wicker was that she had no interesting mechanics to herself, she had craftable books sure, but they never felt core to her character.

This is like, the exact joke scenario I have been talking about for months.

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