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Imagining skins that don't exist yet.

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I am one of those people who plays DST not only for great adventures and opportunities, but also for the sake of doing beautiful construction. Probably construction is a priority for me. And I'm sure it's not just for me. At the moment we have a lot of tools for creating original and beautiful bases, but this is not enough for me :)
Stone, moon and even thulicite walls have their own skins, but grass and wood walls are unfortunately bypassed for now.
I fantasized a little on this topic and drew several types of skins for these walls.
In the future, I plan to fantasize about turf, some buildings, items of clothing that do not yet have a skin, as well as items that are not in the game, but could appear :)

стены общий вид.png

стены общий вид3.png

стены общий вид5.png

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