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Thing about the Cawnival you like and don't like?

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Like - the trees. They're very pretty. And the event itself makes for an ok setpiece in your base.

Don't like - pretty much anything else. Minigames are just whatever, rewards are just whatever, the crow little guys complain all the time if your trees aren't decorated enough, which makes me discouraged to even do anything with the event.

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i like the event itself, but just a bit disappointed that 2 of 3 new cawnaval games barely involve player (they don't even require you to interact with them after starting to get the tickets. good for farming tickets, but not very exciting).

i understand why it's like that though, this year's klei fest was fire, so i'd say it's fine.(plus we got some new prizes for tickets, which are always great for decorating bases)


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The issue with is is how self-centered it is

play minigames to get tickets to decorate tree

...to get more tickets

there are only 3 useful rewards (chirpy cloak/capelet and the not infinite light)

I guess it's designed that way cuz the selling point are the minigames

yet it doesn't work imo cuz it's basically procrastinating 

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I like the mini games and the base decorations don’t get me wrong…

But I hate how lazy and rushed the event feels..

What I mean by that is- I’ve experienced the content in less then about 5 minutes give or take.. and I’m bored for a whole month/two months until Klei releases a better update.

Take for example the new Wind Chime decorations, these things should’ve been able to be hung up in ANY TREE (Forest, Birchnut, Totally Normal, etc..) 

I also hate how the content of Cawnival literally comes to you unlike WinterFeast, Hallowed Nights, Year of the Catcoon where you need to actually walk around the game world and interact with the rest of the games core content to fully enjoy those events.

Cawnival throws all of that out the window in favor of becoming Mario Party Starved Edition.. 

I LIKE the Cawnival, I LIKE the MINI-GAMES, What I DON’T LIKE is that it’s so far removed from the core game that Klei could quite literally have sold this as a Mario Party Cross-Over Spin-Off..

And the thing that makes me upset the most? It wouldn’t take much of nothing to “fix” the Cawnival 

Give bosses unique skins during the event, have stuff going on around the game world, make the player gather Frazzled Wires and Gears to create the Cawnival Rides (perhaps Evil Mechanical Crows could become a mob during the event and players can find them around the world to kill for the ingredients in Cawnival games)

We have all heard of killer/Malfunctioning robots- Well these could’ve been Cawnival Attractions that got possessed by an Ancient Demon or something so they broke free of their Cawnival Attraction and Corvus/Crowkids are begging you to get the  Malfunctioning evil rides back in working conditions again.

I just took an event that strays as far away from the franchise I love DS for being- and I tied it back in nicely with what makes DS.. DS..

Now- Some awesome mod creator needs to see this post and get inspired to make the Cawnival like all the other events.

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Cawnival is cute, I like the art for the most part too!

My only real genuine gripe is that it feels like it should be coming along with Summer changes. I know a lot of people don't enjoy Summer as a season and I'd imagine we'd get some permanent changes that would effect the game that are summer related!

Winter's Feast Deerclops is a weak example honestly but it still is something that changes during the event and comes *to you.* It's nice having content included that can be accessed in the main survival aspect without needing to actively go out and seek it. I love that sort of stuff!

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