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According to the announcement, It's time to remove the mod , Myth Words, out of the workshop.

Where is the action? Some of Chinese players have mentioned it, we want to see the next step.

Klei have earned much by selling so many skins at DST, but it now still turn a deaf ear to the requirement from player.

We are looking forward to seeing a decisive official.

By the way, please remove the mods so called "self use" at the workshop at the same time.These mods are contempt for others' woek.

Please hurry up!!! 

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I literally just woke up. I'm not ready to deal with this again...

It's been literally one day. Will you people chill already, Klei aren't bots that hop from mod to mod to check if they break the rules and remove them. 

They shouldn't be needing to do this in the first place, let's be honest. 

Also there has not been any talk about self use mods and Klei getting involved with them. 

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I don't want to make a new topic about this and I feel that this topic itself is related to the big clusterclunk of things going on in the modding community right now. Can someone please explain to me what the heck is going on? I'm completely out of the loop, the only thing I remember a long time ago is someone asking about paid mods in the forum months ago and I ignored that topic like the plague because the idea of charging for mods has always disgusted me in any game. It seems that it was actually relevant enough that Klei had to make a post about it on my Steam page for DST and now there are a ton of topics being opened up about players wanting all kinds of various mods and the like destroyed, even trying to argue about Kleis legal terms and all that.


Seriously what's the big deal? I'm sorry to kind of hijack this thread but was there some black market of Don't Starve mods that were making people start careers in mod-making for the game and they're angry that Klei is stomping down on them? 

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8 hours ago, Well-met said:

klei doesn't have as much problem with Myth Words as you think they do

To prove this

Joe from Oct 2021

 Joe’s post from yesterday

Man this topic comes up a lot… I still don’t understand why people care. No one is forcing you to use/pay/donate to this mod.

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31 minutes ago, Pinkamena11FazP said:

They removed the pay wall but you still have to spend hours being the characters just to get a silly skin. :/

unfortunately, that is their team's own choice to make. ppl who use the mod aren't entitled to any part of the mod since they are using it for free after all and most of em dont even give a like to the mod

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