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  1. Its much more interesting when things can go not as you planned. Wish there was some kind of "Director AI" (L4D) or a Storyteller AI (Rimworld) So if you have a bad time, then you won't get too much random ******** going to ruin your day much more. And you are doing too good: Progressing too fast or and so on... Get ready for your ass to get kicked by natural disasters, mob raids and so on...
  2. So many of you are going into the ruins at the first autumn. Then doing like DF and BQ and EoT. How do you have time for all of this? I feel like when im done with the ruins (if i don't die, which is 7/10 of my ruin test attempts) i will leave the cave in the middle of winter. Any tips?
  3. What are your strict main goals on each season? Mine are: Autumn: Explore mainland outlines. Explore each cave entrance. Find Lunar island and get Stone Bushes + Kelp Stalks. Plow farms and plant as many seeds as possible to get seeds for basic crop combos (Potato, Toma, Garlic, Carrot), Kill The Eye of Terror. Winter: Get Walrus Loots (Tusk, TamoShanter). Produce more crops for future healing. Deerclops. Klaus. (I'm always so nervous in Winter for some reason. I can't chill until i kill those two bosses) Spring: MooseGooses. LOGS!. Planting Twigs, Grass. Summer: Antlion. Mini base on the Boat. Salt. Fully Rebuilding Pearl's House. Fishing for Sun Fish, to get heavy lure. Small ruin rush, to get some Starcallers. Second Autumn: DragonFly. Bee Queen. Bearger. BeeHives. Autumn Fishing for a special Lure...
  4. Something to force people into ocean more often. My ideas: Give fishing a better purpose. Right now fishing is good only for getting more baits and Thermal fishes for Wurt (still think their perish time could be buffed to be like pond fishes) Make new crafts out of fishes + other materials: Different weapons, armors, tools. Ocean fish should be worth more fish/meat. Murdering ocean fish should give you not a single meat, but 2-5 (depends on catch weight size). For example: Small fish type will give 2 - 5 small meats, Big fish will give 2 - 5 big meats. Water platforms to that can be placed on coastal ocean. Made with ocean loot too. I want stable water bases!
  5. Or just buff his character. Like: Walter's sanity no longer drops when being damaged. Only negative sanity drain when his hp not full. 150 Hunger please. This little ***** is constantly crying for food. Yey! Walter is playable now! His slingshot is now an additional tool in his disposal, and he can do as good as other characters.
  6. All replantable items should have a chance to drop a sprout when gathered, same as stone fruits. Maybe even for non replantable items, like reeds or cacti.
  7. I tell you! To make walter fun to use, his slingshot should be a skillshot. And he should be able to charge shots for more range and and more damage. But also be able to spam it for short ranged fast attacks, in case he needs to ministan something. opera_ozWmH3Ksaw.mp4
  8. It amuses me when someone says that all characters are balanced and have their fair up/downs, no need to buff anyone. And then proceeds to only play characters like Wanda or Wolfgang. Those are probably the "fairest" of all characters lmao.
  9. Except his maximum range is only couple of tiles and his his first slingshot attack is always slow AF on top of already slow attack speed. His slingshot just doesn't feel good to use at all, unless you need to kill birds and butterflies.
  10. Wendy - Because i see too many of them. Noob-Trap character that teaches to rely on Abigail. Wigfrid - Less then Wendy, just because they have to be involved in fights. Still a noob character and still too many of them. Winona - I hate her, because i only see how Winonas are obsessed with Spotlights WANDA! - She is just way too good, compared to other characters. Too often dst veterans playing her exclusively, just because she is a great fighter, with godlike utility and mobility. Infinite, almost ranged weapon (Alarming Clock), Invincibility frames and mini blinks (Backstep Watch), Free healing (Ageless Watch), Resurrect others without health penalty (Second Chance Watch), Teleport to any place through shards (Backtrek Watch) YO I HATE WANDA FOR BEING TOO GOOD!
  11. They are trash! Don't use them. Wait for his rework.
  12. NOOOO! Why do they hate us so much? I hate BQ and always try to skip a fight. Oven was fixed and now this?