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  1. @Gashzer Not sure what your misconception with me is, but I'm all for server resets as long as it's not crash/update related. What is wrong with that? A person with literally 1 day can gather 2 buddies and reset the klei server, it's that easy. That's usually what happens anyways in the endless server after around 100+ days. There's no conspiracy to prevent all forms of resetting that's ridiculous. I don't kick anyone from servers unless they're actively burning base (in that scenario it's over because they keep logging back on to burn base), I don't use AFK bots to hog a server, that stuff would make things boring. What happens usually is our hidden base gets burned and hammered and we accept it because that's the nature of pubs. I mean, check my post history, there's a group of griefers that actively search for our base using observer + nightvision and burn it to the ground which is usually when I take a hiatus to get them off our back. I also play pubs because my machine cannot handle dedicated servers for a long period of time and also all the community servers around me are 100+ ping or heavily modded. I've played private servers with ppl I know, it gets really boring. I actually delete all my worlds after around 300+ days because of how boring it gets, which is why I welcome resetting at a certain point unless it's not crash or update because that is frustrating.
  2. @Gashzer I purposely don't play pubs until weeks after the update so I could care less. I'm more concerned about this update breaking things like making beefalo unrideable which took weeks to fix. @Cheggf defnitely not, I mean you would crash from literally pressing your crafting menu hotkey. That's how broken that last update was.
  3. @Well-met I think it's valid considering the last update caused several game breaking bugs that took weeks to fix
  4. I'm pretty hyped for the new update coming this thursday, I just hope that the new update isn't filled with crashes/glitches like the last one was with about 10 hotfixes.
  5. @dois raios I agree it's complicated to moderate klei servers, however I wish they just saved after an update or a crash
  6. @Gashzer I've seen that guy a couple times on the old pub servers, no we're not teaming up to complain about pub servers that is useless anyway. Like I said if you don't like late game worlds there are multiple klei servers, specifically survival servers that reset every time it reaches winter because everyone quits out by then. Blizstorm and Lunatrope used to stay up for days to keep a survival server alive but nowadays there's an endless server which makes it easier to have a somewhat long term pub world but the crashing is the main issue.
  7. @Gashzer I can tell you with the amount of crashing there's rarely any klei servers that go past 200. I have never seen any server past 1000, I've seen day 700 with the old servers and there wasn't a specific group that was controlling the server and they let everyone enter their base and play with them. There are multiple klei servers for a reason, if someone doesn't like a world past 100+ days there are other klei servers they can play on.
  8. @Gashzer but even day 20 worlds, when a crash or update happens it automatically goes to day 1 which is what a save is useful for. The old pubs used to save after crash/update but these new ones dont. Yes I agree you shouldn't get too attached to your bases in a pub but it sucks to lose them to a crash and not like a agreed reset which anyone can call a vote for, even day 1 people.
  9. I'm on the east coast and all dedicated endless servers around me are either heavily modded or bad connection, which is why I use the klei pub endless server to play semi long term worlds. Yesterday myself and a bunch of random people got bee hive endless to almost day 300 and it crashed and everyone was pretty bummed out because it doesn't save after a crash which means it reset to day 1. This is one of the many 300+ day worlds that got reset from crashing and I really wish klei would implement a save and I know a few people on the forums wish that too. Ever since the switch to the Amazon servers, all the pub servers crash very easily and reset to day 1. I can already guess very few people on these forums care or play on pub servers otherwise the devs would care more.
  10. I've hosted a dedicated server on my pc before and my computer starts running very hot and slow after some hours because it's not a great machine. What sort of hosting have you guys tried? I've tried nodecraft but I'm not a big fan of the prices.
  11. @Mysterious box if you don't think tencent the conglomerate that literally owns klei can't make them change something about their community servers I think you're mistaken.
  12. @Mysterious boxThe artistic direction will be handled by klei devs yes but I'm pretty sure tencent can literally do anything they want with their own game because they own it 100%. That request wouldn't even raise any questions, pretty sure they would just do it cause it's easy.
  13. @Hirajin If it's just Don't starve and not any other game doing this, I can only think of a setting in your graphics card that must be doing this, gl
  14. try starting it up, go in to task manager and kill the game from there. Then kill all the steam processes too. Then try opening dont starve again
  15. anyone know what that portal is for? Is its sole purpose just to pop out banana bushes? Or could you repair it and go to another world, cuz that would be sweet