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An Open Letter to Klei

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January 24, 2022

Klei Entertainment
PO Box 98175
Yaletown PO
Vancouver BC, Canada
V6Z 2Z7


Dearest Klei Entertainment:


Good day! 


How are you all? I hope you are doing excellently in the first days of the new year. I also hope everyone's safe from COVID over there. Hopefully you guys have had a wonderful holiday season and are well refreshed and joyous from your time with your loved ones, ready to face work (and the tons of feedback we've made over the holidays haha). 

We are eager to see the new roadmap and content to come, and we are ever willing to work hand in hand with you to provide the best feedback possible so we can achieve the fun uncompromising survival game Don't Starve's optimal development in the years to come. We have been ever so passionate in sharing with you our thoughts and love for the development of the game Don't Starve Together, and while therr have been disagreements along the way, we hope our efforts in the future mold the game to be as fun and engaging as it always will be. 

Take care of yourselves, you wonderful folks. 


Warmest regards, 





The Don't Starve Together Community


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6 hours ago, Eughstein said:

honestly when i looked at name of post i was scared it's yet another post about "klei bad killing game"

Its a deconstruction of the infamous format lmao plus we gotta admit we need a lot more happiness in this forum

Sooner or later i think i'll try my hand at deconstructing the infamous "What is DATA EXPUNGED" debacle lmao

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2 minutes ago, GetNerfedOn said:

I mean its their own fault they literally have the address on their website smh

That is. That is very clearly a PO box, not a street address

I did manage to find the address of their actual office on the website once, but now I can't remember how I found it or what it was.

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5 minutes ago, SecretPizzaMan said:

What's that? Sounds like a show where little kids can talk to a guy inside a Optimus Prime suit.

Its a neural network people on the foeums toyed with for a long time to make silly updates. In particular I made fake roadmaps twice using it (though the second one was ill recieved due to it being ill timed and ill made lmao) 


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