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Playstation 5 ... any plans?

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I don't expect they will, as it would be pretty difficult to port, and also the amount of lag is already very noticeable on high-end PCs. Currently, ONI is only available on Windows, Mac, and Steam OS, according to the steam page. If Klei was considering to port it, they would probably at least mentioned it by now.

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The only way I can see it happening is the way it worked on my android tablet.. Steam Link plays a game streamed from my desktop.  The only thing the tablet had to worry about is sending commands and displaying the resulting video.  Notice the past-tense.  Something changed recently Steam Link no longer works very well for any of my Steam games.


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On 1/13/2021 at 9:32 AM, SharraShimada said:

Playstation has just not the CPU power to run this game on late game. Its not designed for such games. 

And you would need a mouse. I do not even want to imagine how crappy it would be to use controller for this game.

Playstation Dual Rat Controller

image.png.c7f6a173a7d61ed0aa2bb58e91cef9da.pngIm so excited_8d88a4_8061328.gifimage.png.312861afca93c4545e162d3afe49ece3.png

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