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  1. ONI multiplayer

    This idea pops up every so often. Klei has stated that this isn't a goal they're going to work towards, so if anything multiplayer happens, it'll have to be from the users. However, there are a huge number of problems with taking a game like ONI into multiplayer. The first problem you have to work around is data sharing. With your particular variant, this could be taken care of by having one of the 4 be a server and the other 3 clients. The second is the extra load on whichever system is going to be the server. ONI is already a resource hog. Most systems have a difficult time when the number of duplicants gets to a certain point and you're asking to basically have 12 starting dupes (3 dupes each for 4 players), add extra client requests and responses, and stream enough data from the game engine to draw each player's position on their client screens at decent FPS. I'm not saying its impossible, I'm just saying that its a huge problem. You'll also have to account for exceptions, such as "what happens if two players both try to wrangle the same critter?" What about three? Which player gets dibs on wild plants that drop food? Who owns the meat when a tamed hatch dies? Wild hatch? Is the current map large enough to handle 4 different starting biomes? Will the server computer be able to handle a larger map?
  2. Without screenshots or a save, ... nope. Maybe there's something else hot in the area.
  3. There are two different steam geysers. One is a "Cool Steam Vent" and the other is a "Steam Geyser." The "Cool Steam Vent" is fairly close to the condensation point of water, thus "cool." The other could be labeled "Hot" because the steam comes out at much higher temperatures. If you click on your steam geyser while it is erupting, it will tell you the temperature the steam is coming out. I don't know when you last played, but.. what they're talking about now is that the map search tool "Tools Not Included" does not contain accurate results for the current build. The algorithm that builds a "random" map from a particular seed has changed somehow, so the old seeds listed in "Tools Not Included" will not generate the way they did when they were first logged. Don't worry -- the database will be built back up again eventually.
  4. [Game Update] - 394616

    I'm confused about how "Low-Texture Mode" would help with "out of memory" errors, as the vast majority of the memory is data that makes up every item that has calculated statistics. I mean, say you've got a tile that has 50 stacks of debris on it. Every one of those debris must have its own memory space so that things like temperature can be calculated on them, but only a couple actually get rendered because the rest are all blocked. Are the textures stored in the item object individually, rather than just linking to the associated texture? I can't speak for other's experiences, but my graphics card gets practically no use while running ONI at 1080. If the "out of memory" errors are happening because of the graphics card not being able to handle the regular textures, then.. um.. does that mean ONI works on old VGA cards?
  5. [Game Update] - 394232

    The Spanish Inquisition! ... .. er, wait. That can't be right. Um.. sorry for slipping off topic. We now return you to your regularly scheduled ONI debates.
  6. Lynx FTWs! Mom called me up the other day, "Why can't I open this email?" So I used Lynx to hit her gmail account and looked at the mail in question. "Um, because its a redirection to a phishing site." My mom said, "Well, fix it so I can open it!" ... *sigh*
  7. Phishing exploits the problem that exists between the keyboard and the chair of the system. It is unfortunate that even given an infinite number of code re-writes, this vulnerability can not be eliminated. There has been some success with teaching the carbon-based AI that exists between the keyboard and the chair, but tragically there is no guarantee as the AI is quite capable of ignoring directives even when the continuing functionality of the AI is at stake. Any programmer seeking to reduce the impact of the Phishing exploit should spend some time watching "Hold my beer" videos on YouTube to get an idea of the scale of the problem.
  8. poor performance

    As has been posted in many, many threads.. ONI is a CPU-intensive game, but it isn't very multi-thready. Your GPU will get about the same workout dragging a web browser around your screen as it will while you're playing ONI. Try this thread: Or this one: Or maybe even this one: These are all recent threads that discuss in great detail the performance issues of ONI and how to reduce their impact on your system. There's information in there that compares individual system performance which outlines that memory bandwidth is the biggest performance factor, followed by CPU speed. There's information theorizing about which parts of ONI itself are causing the speed bottleneck, such as Dupe/critter pathfinding or thermal computing. These threads, and the ones they also link to, ought to answer your questions.
  9. Do you have a mod that affects natural gas generators? That would be my first guess. Maybe post your save and see if someone else can load it?
  10. No reed fiber on whole map? :(

    Frozen core can definitely be a challenge. Especially on Rime. Even producing steel is only keeping my base only warm enough that plants can grow.
  11. Part of that is the fault of the community. We want stuff and we want it fast. We want it easy to access and we don't want to jump through hoops to get there. To quote a Navy security friend of mine: "As a security technician, you'll have to straddle the line between 'protected' and 'usable.' Unfortunately, 'usable' is defined by your clients and not you. If you force them to change passwords twice a week, you'll get a lot of consecutive numbers or dictionary words as passwords. If you force them to use symbols, numbers, and letters in each password, they'll start writing them down, defeating the purpose." On top of that, we find it necessary to maintain 100% backwards compatibility, despite leaps in technology. This week I had to re-enable Flash on sixteen computers I run support for... because apparently animated greeting cards are more important than internal network security. I'm half tempted to put together a malicious Flash application just to show corporate why its not a good idea. OK, deep breath. Innnnnn and oooooout. Innnnn and ouuuuuut. Anyway, the point is, if network security makes it harder for the user to do what they want to do, they're going to bypass it. What's the point in putting a deadbolt on your front door if you're just going to leave the key in the lock all the time? So programmers start skipping the deadbolt and hope nobody notices it isn't there.
  12. He's got them set to top priority. But the red icons for sweeping tell me that your dupes can't get to the storage area.
  13. No reed fiber on whole map? :(

    IDK. The only geyser I've found so far produces liquid CO2 at -55.1c. I'd say that's "deeply frozen." =^.^=
  14. file breaking

    @ThelmaBlaha Can you edit your post and remove the link in the text you quoted from my post? It isn't something I put there, and it appears to go to a survey site. I have no idea where it came from or how it got there, but it needs to be removed. Thanks. Edit: Thank you very much for fixing that.
  15. No reed fiber on whole map? :(

    Yes.. its a mess. LOL.