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  1. Playtime record

    <.< >.> Um... =^.^=
  2. You can build it in such a way that when the valve is closed, water flows back into the reservoir. Or you can use the horizontal doors method to disable the reservoir (preventing liquid from flowing out) without using a valve. Or you can be creative and design something else. My system uses a door under the reservoir and a sieve. A clock turns the sieve on for half the day, during which the reservoir is disabled. When the clock ticks past the half-way point, the sieve gets disabled. 50 seconds later, the door closes and the reservoir lets the clean water out. I was just mocking something up quickly as a temporary thing, but its working just fine. The mess with the pipes is because I later decided to cool the water with an aquatuner after it was clean. Clearly I need to redesign the whole system. But, whatever. It works. No valves.
  3. I haven't really needed boosters, but it would be nice to have a little more control. For example, having them only take them when exposed.
  4. new Skill System Guide?

    You should do whatever works best for you. For me, I try to pick dupes with diverse interests so that I can quickly train them to fill complementary roles. One dupe has research and ranching, another dupe has digging and cooking, yet another has carrying, tinkering, and research.. Yep, Liera is going to be my astronaut. Anyway, pick what makes sense for your base and have fun.
  5. And others had the complaint that 'now we never see the dupe's hair except when they go to bed.' You can still assign hats to dupes based on their skills, you just have to do it intentionally rather than it defaulting to whatever the last skill the dupe trained was. So, you can put a cowboy hat on your rancher dupe, even though you're training him to use exosuits. They have a use, they're just not tied directly to the current skill in training anymore.
  6. Well, how ELSE can you start the zombie apocalypse? =^.^=
  7. Play the game. After a bit, your dupe will Ding! If you have a jobs board built by then, you can open up jobs (J) and chose a skill. Viola! Your dupe has a new skill! Hats appear to be cosmetic, rather than based on the skill you're currently training. The new system is basically: Instead of choosing a skill and waiting while it trains, you chose the skill and have full benefits until you use a skill scrubber.
  8. Good map seed

    My current seed has 4 slush geysers, 3 cool steam vents, 3 gold volcanoes, 2 NG vents, and 3 oil wells. Its been crazy.
  9. Load game bug

    So.. your "fix" for the "problem" is to remove the randomness from the random generator and make it predictable based on seed. "OK, I've got seed 45, that means that on the sixth production from my arch I'll get a dupe that has buff, diver's lungs, and is interested in supply, operate, and research. SWEET!" ... I don't agree. But hey, I bet you could write a mod for that.
  10. Late game FPS drop

    I don't really feel the need for an end goal. I'm constantly changing things within my base, trying different ways of doing things. "Oh, I don't like how that looks. What if I rebuilt it like so?" Or, "Can I make this boiler more efficient?" Or, "is liquid hydrogen a viable coolant for smelting?" Turns out, weird things happen when you pipe it into the smelter... Anyway, you get the idea. In my mind, there's no end point other than the goals I set for myself as I play.
  11. Help with storage lockers?

    3) Are the storage bins disabled for some reason?
  12. Help with pipes...

    Along with not freezing things in pipes.. don't boil things in them either. Or condense a gas to a liquid inside them. State changes of any sort, even the transition from crude to petrol (which are both liquids) will cause the pipes to take damage. The actual temperature of the pipe is usually irrelevant.
  13. It isn't all that much different from sending 99c polluted water through a sieve. The only real difference is that your output is below the freezing point instead of 40c. Of course, you could chain them together: 99c PW into sieve, 40c clean water into ice maker... the end result is the same in the end. The only difference is what steps you chose to take to get you there.
  14. [Game Update] - 326830

    It means that previously a biohazzard dupe and a regular dupe could get exposed. The next morning, instead of the biohazzard dupe getting sick, one (or more) of the regular dupes would get sick -- even though they don't have compromised immune systems -- because of the biohazzard dupe's compromised immune system. ... I should re-write that sentence. Oh well. You get the idea, I hope.
  15. Yeah. While showers DO wash the germs off the dupes, they don't shower every time they use the toilet. Sometimes they shower THEN use the toilet. Sometimes they use the toilet, then leave, and half a cycle later come back to shower. During that time between toilet and shower, the dupe has dirty hands that will contaminate any food the dupe touches. The food may have been stored in a pristine environment, but that doesn't apply to the dupe's hands. Recommendation: Like real life, you should wash your hands after pooping.