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  1. If you're using a small transformer, that only provides 1kw to the machine. A refinery draws 1200 watts, well over 1kw. You need either two small transformers, or a large battery on the refinery side.
  2. The only time I experienced the "missing qualified crew" was when my crew either didn't have a pilot, OR there was a module to deliver a dupe to the planet and no crew assigned to that module.
  3. So you're saying that because you have no impulse control, the system must be wrong? You're not required to pick anything from the printer pod. You don't have to save and re-load. You can DISABLE your pod, and guess what? No more printables! That is definitely your choice. The side-effect of that choice is that you have one less option occasionally. There are pros and cons to every decision we make. Personally, I think flatulent dupes get a bad rap. Yes, its annoying when they break a vacuum by farting, but overall they often have some better bonuses than otherwise equivalent dupes. No one says you must chose a resource. The option is there to take or leave as you like. An option you do not like isn't a punishment -- its simply an option that you don't like. There are some worlds where I will always take a particular resource regardless of how nice the dupes are when it comes up. Does that mean I'm being punished when that resource doesn't pop up every time? No, its simply a choice I have decided to make for that world. This is why I always pick my initial 3 dupes so that they cover the critical jobs that I know I'm going to need to get my base established. I will always have one farmer/rancher, one digger/builder, and one researcher. I'll also try to make certain that one of the three has cooking, and hopefully my builder also has operating. This way when the printing pod offers a choice of dupes, I'm more flexible about picking one. Heck, on one world, I picked a dupe with 3 negative traits because I thought it was hilarious. That's terrible! Clearly the lottery should always be in your favor. =^.^= Here's my point of view: The printing pod is a bonus. You aren't required to pick anything from the pod in order to build your base or even complete the game. Sure, one of the win conditions does require 12 dupes, but its your choice if you want to go that route. From my perspective, every time the printing pod pops up, I see it as a pleasant surprise! "Oh, hey, the pod just popped. Lets see if there's anything I like." I almost never save and re-load, because I'm not depending on the pod to establish my base. Yes, I said "Almost never." There were a couple of games where I did save and reload a couple of times -- mostly to see if it made things better or worse. The pod already does this. I almost always have a choice of at least one resource and at least two dupes. Usually its a choice between one resource or 3 different dupes, but sometimes there have been 2 resources or only 2 dupes. This is an idea I sort of like. I still don't see resources as a punishment, but I do like the option of having more than one resource choice. The few times the pod has presented me with 2 resources to chose between, I've always thought it was great that I had the extra option. I've thought about this idea as well. I'm still not sure if I like the idea or not. On the one had, being able to re-roll stats until you get one that fits your base is a great idea. On the other hand, a LOT of time will end up getting spent re-rolling stats until you get the PERFECT one, instead of making due with an adequate dupe. Besides, once your base is established, the dupe particulars are less critical. The only thing I really try to avoid with dupes from the pod are when they are unable to perform a critical task (Can't dig, can't build). Perhaps a hybrid, where you can select a role you want for the dupe, but you're stuck with the stats it picks. IDK. Its something to continue thinking about. I think this is a perfect example of the usefulness of the modding system. If you don't like the way something was designed, use a mod! That way you enjoy your game better, and others who like the way it was developed can continue to play that way.
  4. Yes, we get it, you really want nuclear.. but this thread isn't about nuclear. Its about rocketry. Sorry.
  5. I'd like to take the opposite stance: I think rockets taking time is a good thing. Consider, for a moment, how long it takes for us to get a man to the moon. One of the "problems" that is necessary to deal with is the time commitment. Because the dupe is in a rocket for an extended period of time, you need to consider resources such as food and air. If the rocket trip happens within one shift, you can put an oxygen mask on a dupe and do your whole trip before it runs out. Why bother providing food if they can binge out when they return at the end of their shift? I do think that a dupe with rocketry needs to get a morale bonus equal to the bonus they'd be getting from sleeping in a barracks, dining in a hall, and using a latrine while they're in the rocket. It makes no sense for them to get so stressed out so quickly while doing something they enjoy doing. Or, perhaps, for the relatively short time (a couple of cycles) that the dupe is in space, perhaps their morale could be locked in to their 5-cycle average. As it stands, by time you get the skills to do rocketry and to be useful when you get to your destination, the morale requirement is mildly high. It isn't insurmountable -- generally one great hall and a plumbed bathroom will cover it -- but its more than you can provide a dupe in a rocket.
  6. So I'll start an iceball world, dig out a few wart seeds, put them on the trade hub.. then start another world, like terra, go onto the trade hub, "buy" my wart seeds from the other world... The only way player trading makes sense in ONI is if you have a server that manages all the world's resources. Otherwise, its no different than popping into sandbox or debug and spawning what you want.
  7. The same setups that were used before the update. Early in the game, let the heat radiate out so you get water instead of steam. Later in the game, use an aquatuner to cool the water. In the early game, you really can't do much about the heat, so try to set up your base so that hot things are kept separated from the parts of your base you want cool.
  8. I've used hydrogen in sleet wheat farms, and in drekko ranches. I've also used it as a thermal stabilizer once, and I've used it with AETNs. Finally, it makes good rocket fuel (or it did), and you can burn it for power. The most creative way I've used it was the thermal stabilizer. It was also the most obnoxious way I've used it. Had a room with 15kg/tile that crossed half my base and was 4 tiles high. It had a few (four? maybe?) wheezewarts that were fertilized from underneath. Anyway, I couldn't just destroy a tile to get in for building stuff, so I had to use water locks for access any time I needed to run a conduit through. I decided that while it did what I wanted, it wasn't worth the effort.
  9. I forgot about max pressure for the salt vines. OK, so you'll need a atmosensor to close the vent at 9kg/tile. That should give about 10 cycles of chlorine in the room. With 25.6 more cycles to go, that's 1106kg of chlorine you'll need to store in gas reservoirs. That'll reduce your need for reservoirs to 8.
  10. Why all this hate for plug slugs? I love the wiggly li'l buggers. They need a little adjustment, certainly -- and hopefully a morph that ingests some kind of renewable item. I would like to see their consumption go down slightly and their hydrogen production go up slightly -- a 5% return on mass is quite low, compared to other critters (except light bugs, which return nothing).
  11. I'm pretty sure that vents when close to max pressure delete gas -- though I haven't proven it as well as the post above. I generally automate vents so that they only open below about 1800g -- mostly because I hate seeing that big red X on my screen. An alternative solution is to use a water-lock to allow chlorine into the room, regardless of the pressure. You can recoup the metals from your gas reservoirs that way, and you shouldn't ever have a problem with your vines lacking atmosphere.
  12. Early game Plug Slugs free up your dupes. Yes, Plug Slugs eat a non-renewable resource (and I keep hoping there will be a morph that ingests a renewable), but in the early game the impact is fairly minimal. One tile of ore, after being dug out, will feed a slug for 46 cycles. Additionally, wild Slugs don't have as quick of a decay as tamed slugs, so if you decide to not feed them, you'll still get 300 watts out of them for a couple dozen rest cycles. Mid-game Coal is not achievable on the Swamp cluster world that the Plug Slugs call home until you start shipping from Terra. It isn't renewable without hatches, and the few pockets I've found on the swamp start asteroid have been barely enough to make ceramics and refined carbon. Sure, sages and coal produce more calories and power than slugs -- but you have to import them from another asteroid first. Hydrogen is definitely a good fuel, provided you have a way to generate it. The small amount emitted by the slugs is great at covering burst periods of your base activity. If you've switched to electrolysis by this point in your game, your total available hydrogen is going to be limited by the amount of dupes breathing the oxygen. In the later part of the game, where you're creating LoX or Oxylite, OR if you decide to vent oxygen to space, then the availability of hydrogen increases dramatically. Usually around cycle 200 or so is when I've established things enough to transition my power supply to a source other than slugs -- and by then they really haven't impacted my supply of metal ores that much. Steam and Lumber are very excellent power sources. Fully renewable and definitely capable of powering your base. Once you achieve these, or have access to Petrol, there really isn't a strong argument to continue using your slugs. However, all three will require that you have visited other asteroids. The slime world lacks crude (required for plastics and petrol), and lacks trees. There is also not a good source of heat to power the steam turbine on the slime asteroid -- but you can work around that. My argument wasn't that they're The Best. I was arguing that I think they're a great critter and they are useful. Do they scale well? Not as they stand. I could certainly tame a stable with 8 of them and power some continuously-running industrialization -- except that they only eat a non-renewable resource. Until they have a morph that consumes a renewable, they can't really be used in large quantities. However, taming 1 or 2, or feeding 8 wild ones, is definitely a useful alternative that has been working quite well for me.
  13. There's a bug causing a crash when mods are subscribed but not enabled. When the "Preview" screen appears, before you can click through to the main menu, the game will crash. The solution was to unsubscribe to all mods in the steam community, then re-launch the game. Subscribing to mods causes the crash to recur. I don't know at this point if it was a specific mod or not.
  14. I disagree with much of this. I think Plug Slugs are pretty cool. The only part I really agree with is the "consume an extremely limited resource." All the other critters consume something that is renewable. Adding a morph that consumes something renewable would be awesome. As for power.. They produce quite a bit of it, actually, both as the critter and as a byproduct (hydrogen). Lets start with the wild slugs. A Wild slug that has been fed produces 400 watts of power for about 75 seconds -- the duration of night -- and consumes 15kg of metal ore. 5% of that mass gets returned as hydrogen (750g) which will run a hydrogen generator for 7.5 seconds. Assuming that the generator hasn't been tuned up, that's 800 watts for 7.5 seconds. That means each wild slug, as long as it is fed, will produce 3600kJ of power per cycle, or just shy of 1 jumbo battery. Assuming no battery losses, that's 60 watts of power for the cost of 15kg of metal ore. Of course, the slug won't always start sleeping immediately at night -- they must crawl to a proper location to hang -- and batteries leak power, so you won't actually get the full 60 watts. A good stable design will get pretty close. A tame slug has 4 times the production and 4 times the metabolism of a wild slug. So a tamed and fed slug will produce 1600 watts for 75 seconds and consume 60kg of ore, producing 3kg of hydrogen. Thus 1 tame slug or 4 wild slugs will produce 144kJ of power (counting the hydrogen). That's a steady 240 watts of power, provided you have enough batteries to capture the output from the slugs at night. If you keep your generator tuned up, for the measly cost of 5kg refined metal every 3 cycles, then the numbers become 39kJ (65 watts) for a wild slug and 156kJ (260 watts) for a tamed slug. Alternatively you can use them to supplement power at night. 1 wild slug (fed) produces 400 watts while a solar panel produces at maximum 380 watts. Since there is a ramp-up/ramp-down production during the day, the average comes out to around 300 watts continuous per panel. I haven't done the specific math on this one, but my observations show that 3 panels and 2 wild slugs will provide about 850 watts of power continuously if you use a battery to catch the extra during mid-day. With only one battery being used, your leakage losses are lower and there is less heat added to your base. With the solar panels providing power in the day and your slugs providing power at night, the hydrogen will be available for when you need extra power in burst situations -- 15 seconds of run time per cycle. You could use more panels and not feed the slugs, but then you'll need more batteries to hold power during the night. Finally, there's the calories... I don't farm slugs for calories -- there are much more efficient critters for that. However, they are still providing calories when they die, even if I don't feed them. It isn't a lot, but its free food!
  15. True, but you must also remember that it uses water. This makes higher end research difficult on some worlds, where water is scarce, until you get to the point that you can produce a lot of extra water. It is, but its happened to all of us at some point. For example on my slimeball world I'm currently developing, I had to wait many times on research because I ran out of dirt. However, this means that we have to balance our researching with our base development. We must decide which research is important enough to dedicate a dupe to spending the time researching it. This is an interesting idea, but I'm not certain how it would make things better. Your ideas sound like they would make research more frustrating. As it currently stands, Research is balanced with Dupe Work Time and Available Water. While researching, your dupe isn't available to do other base maintenance stuff, such as harvesting food. If you reduce the amount of time that a dupe stands at a research station, then you will have no problems completing other base tasks, so there will be no reason to not simply binge out on research. Frequently I've found that I have to wait before doing more research because I need to get caught up on basic base stuff first. This makes me stop and think about which research I really need next. If you add in mechanics like requiring stuff from POIs, then you're adding even more frustration to the process. On many of my bases, I have only sought out POIs after I have my base fairly stabilized. On some worlds, there aren't even any POIs close to the starting biome, and many of them are behind abyssalite -- meaning you would have to have a skilled digging dupe before you could do any research. This would result in a much slower base development. For example, if you couldn't research fossil fuels or ranching before getting into a POI, it would cripple many bases. You mention in your last line that "Science should be something we have to build towards, build around, or involve more than just waiting." The "just waiting" right now IS the mechanic that lets you 'build towards, build around, or involve.' Your dupe is involved in the process of researching, so can't do other things. You have to build around some problems because the research isn't fully developed at that point. You're also building toward researching because in order to get more research done, you either need more dupe power or a base that is better at running itself. However, I do think that the dupes should be able to get SOME benefit from the old computers in various POIs. Maybe a dupe spending time at a POI computer could do a random amount of progress on research -- 30 or 40 units -- without having to use water. Or perhaps they could find documents that instantly provides some research towards a given subject. "Oh, hey, here's a reference to logic gates. Cool! Now I only have to spend half the time researching them."