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  1. You could always start with a low temperature molten metal like lead and then use the refineries to heat that up. Then transition to other metals or magma for higher temperature melting. Aluminum works really well for high temperature melting due to its really high thermal capacity for a metal. It doesn't have a huge amount of head room over steels melting point though.
  2. Yeah badlands is a nasty start. Got to get on those tasty mushbars right away.
  3. Yeah have made it through to space without having to resort to any debug mode, difficulty edits or mods. It wasn't in any of my early playthroughs, plenty of failed colonies which I had to learn from my mistakes, First time I managed it I concentrated on a fully automated base, then hollowed out the map and didn't make it to space till around cycle 1100.
  4. You can't get them to open the doors and jump the gap, they always get wet. You could give them showers to remove the debuff if you wanted too. I tend to just go with liquid locks and morale bombing and ignore stress altogether.
  5. I have been using bead pumps for the infinite gas storage. I did avoid the various methods of infinite storage for a while but eventually came round. It's a single player game after all, everyone gets to do what they want and I personally don't like mods.
  6. It takes a huge amount of energy to transition water into steam. The game simulates this by not transitioning the state changes until the liquid is 2C above the boiling point and then transitioning all at once. If that was how it worked in the real world we wouldn't have had steam engines we would have had steam bombs.
  7. Steam turbines in the real world won't run at 100C either. They generate power from steam pressure and as the pressure of the steam increases so does the boiling point of water. The game doesn't model these factor, it doesn't change the boiling point of water and it generates power from the heat removed from the steam instead of generating it from the pressure of the steam. I have no idea if 125C is a reasonable temperature to have to heat thing up to in the real world to generate the pressure required but 100C would definitely be too low. As for the tepidizer I have to agree. liquid heaters in real life have no problem exceeding the temperature it shuts off at. I think it should be changed to have no max temperature but have an overheat temperature dependent on the material it is constructed off. They would probably have to power to heat figures to not have it just be brokenly overpowered though.
  8. Bead pump airlock. And V.2 added filtration for the gases. Wasn't a big issue with the first one but tiny amounts of gas could get through.
  9. I don't imagine it would be that difficult of a port for them to achieve but I agree that it would be really janky playing the game with a controller.
  10. The magma pump in the post above is using visco gel as the fluid to trigger the pump. That doesn't obey normal fluid rules since it stacks vertically instead of spreading out. Never seem the example from the volcano tamer before that post so can't provide any information on that. The only thing I have used bead pumps for in the past has been forcing gases up a narrow gap. I have seen it used to force lower density liquids upwards as well.
  11. 8 for the first 4-500 cycles then usually expand to 16
  12. Oxygen not included hangs every few cycles. It seems to be hanging when it hits a save judging by the cycle timer. I am playing on the DLC currently but have been having this issue on both versions since the cloud saves patch. I have tried the game using cloud saves and with the cloud saves disabled both hang. Let me know if there is any other information you need. Thanks Fyrel