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  1. Green power

    So, this achievment? Super Sustainable Generate 240,000kJ of power without using coal, methane, petrol or wood generators.
  2. Green power

    Ethanol? Feeding sage hatches polluted dirt from distilleries and using resoulting coal in coal generator? Capturing gas from flatulent dupes and oil refineries? Not using gas range at all? Plastics?
  3. Green power

    If you have a dupe with high tinkering and making steel it might be power positive. As for rockets, when you repeatedly send research module to the same asteroid you get 10 points instead of 50. So you can build steam rocket with like 9 modules and just keep sending it untill you research everything. For liquid hydrogen without supercoolant you can only use the 1kg packet trick/exploit or whatevr. Seems its gonna stay ingame. Using 1kg water packets in aquatuner can cool it down to 0K, altho it uses really alot of power.
  4. Research station next to a printing pod is a great idea. And afaik grooming isnt affected so far.
  5. Ethanol Gas Thermal Conductivity

    Oh well, nerf the heat capacity aswell while youre at it. Heat capacity of liquid ethanol is bigger than that of gas. Hence this ethanol heat destroyer:
  6. Ethanol Gas Thermal Conductivity

    So thermal conductivity is going to be less?
  7. Ethanol Gas Thermal Conductivity

    It doesnt have to make sense. And is about the only good thing about it.
  8. It does say it outputs at the temperature of the generator, or minimum 40c pw. Hot petrol heats up the generator as it sits in its storage.
  9. Coal supply

    The stupid thing about coal gens is that theres a slider below that prevents dupes from ressuplying it if the batteries are full, or in your case above 50% That should be disabled if the generator is on automation.
  10. I see, but tbh coal generator should be behaving like wood generator is. The latter is topped up when the hopper gets below what, 25%. The former basically if the batteries are slightly full and automation has stopped the generator. It will not get refueled until the fuel runs dry.
  11. The hotter the generator, the hotter the output. So you are basically making more heat.
  12. Well, the petrol generator will get hotter than if it were just cold petroleum.
  13. All generators except hamster wheels do this. Have to automate it to stop.
  14. It does store power.