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  1. Previous version of masks was better as a lowtech atmo suit replacement. It should have just had like 10 mask capacity and masks made of stone. This new system basically requires as much setup as atmo suits.
  2. This is my setup, im using liquid methane as coolant. And i precool the sour gas with steam turbine output.
  3. Consoles are now basically PCs with snowflake OSs. Or macks for that matter.
  4. With all this new suit durability, this issue has become even bigger problem. Docks should have an auto delivery. The dock that had suit taken off from a checkpoint should have that auto delivery temporary disabled. Dupes should not view suits in docks as available to sweep and deliver somewhere else. Even with this I would see issues with multiple checkpoints out of the base. So should be avoided. Unless there would be a priority for a dupe to enter the base in the same checkpoint.
  5. Can confirm its annoying. Havent checked in the newly made maps, my one runs since 9th...
  6. You always have an oil asteroid at warp access. So you can get jetpacks.
  7. I noticed that too in my hot / cols oil fields. Steam flashing condensing around the place destroyed all my precious natural gas.
  8. Oh well, nerf the heat capacity aswell while youre at it. Heat capacity of liquid ethanol is bigger than that of gas. Hence this ethanol heat destroyer:
  9. So thermal conductivity is going to be less?
  10. It doesnt have to make sense. And is about the only good thing about it.
  11. The stupid thing about coal gens is that theres a slider below that prevents dupes from ressuplying it if the batteries are full, or in your case above 50% That should be disabled if the generator is on automation.
  12. I see, but tbh coal generator should be behaving like wood generator is. The latter is topped up when the hopper gets below what, 25%. The former basically if the batteries are slightly full and automation has stopped the generator. It will not get refueled until the fuel runs dry.
  13. All generators except hamster wheels do this. Have to automate it to stop.