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  1. Ethanol Gas Thermal Conductivity

    Oh well, nerf the heat capacity aswell while youre at it. Heat capacity of liquid ethanol is bigger than that of gas. Hence this ethanol heat destroyer:
  2. Ethanol Gas Thermal Conductivity

    So thermal conductivity is going to be less?
  3. Ethanol Gas Thermal Conductivity

    It doesnt have to make sense. And is about the only good thing about it.
  4. Coal supply

    The stupid thing about coal gens is that theres a slider below that prevents dupes from ressuplying it if the batteries are full, or in your case above 50% That should be disabled if the generator is on automation.
  5. I see, but tbh coal generator should be behaving like wood generator is. The latter is topped up when the hopper gets below what, 25%. The former basically if the batteries are slightly full and automation has stopped the generator. It will not get refueled until the fuel runs dry.
  6. All generators except hamster wheels do this. Have to automate it to stop.
  7. It does store power.
  8. I disabling the jetsuits puts it from 15 to 20 fps for me. Clearing the regolith with debug mode puts me to 25.
  9. Somehow its launching to 30kkm asteroid with 20kkm worth of fuel. Dunno. Anyway, did observe hard hitching from 35 down to 15 fps when launched. Then, i deconstructed the automation. No major FPS drop! Haswell 4core/8thread, 3.5ghz, 8gb ram, sata SSD, gtx750ti ... Also, HOLY, 14k cycles with 3 dupes! 30mb save...
  10. Empty map, 50 fps, full of oxygen venting to space. Equip a jetpack, 15 fps. I guess it was another thing...
  11. I was messing in debug, a "million" tons of igneous rock pieces in a vacuum room. Full map of gas moving around. 35 or so fps. Spawn a duplicant or a few in that room, 25 fps. So it better to have sweepers filling a container than dupes having access to the whole storage.
  12. I have a suspicion that the main reason jetpacks drop framerate is all the additional individual items of regolith.
  13. Wild nosh bean is 2 tiles high. Domestic plant is 2 tiles high. The art is drawn for 2 tiles high. But cannot be planted unless there's 3 tiles high ceiling.
  14. 10 tame hatches at cycle 300, still 10 at cycle 550. And 20 hatches worth of meat. Even if I didnt feed them.
  15. Tame hatches get glum. -1 happiness -80% metabolism. Borrowed status does not increase it. I left 10 wild ones in my setup overnight. Theres still 10 hatches there after 250 cycles. And I had it set up to only open 2 % of the time, No food. But then again,wild ones dont get hungry.
  16. 800 hatches, so thats about 30 dupes worth of food? Why wouldnt this work: Ship eggs and food in. 5% of the time the lower door opens hatches eat, whatever is piled on. Even if some hatch from eggs dropped onto the door, they fall down after it opens. Pneumatic is just on auto. No dupe access allowed. I hope items dont disappear on save reload. Right, seems hatches prefer eating meat.
  17. You dont need the dispenser, they only eat what they want. Which is 140kcal or so, you can just ship in everything. So they will eat about 28kg per cycle. A single rail can only supply 420 or so hatches. Forthermore, a hatch when turning from hatchling starts I think with 7000kcal. Which in glum state lasts for 50 cycles, which is basically enough to make an egg. So even feeding them is not really needed. Voles are just better at this.
  18. So they jump down to eat? EDit: Oh, up.
  19. Critter tooltips have quantities attached

    Well its a bit wierd when the list of objects goes waaaay off screen.
  20. If you put the ice maker in vacuum, you can rebuild it when it gets near the melting temperature of the material... Or melt it completely. Rebuilding it would delete the heat dumped into it.
  21. Can confirm its just wrongly on the list.
  22. Critter tooltips have quantities attached

    I would like it if it actually stacked, and modifiers showing amounts of each type.